10 action give ” the motion on the bed ” the makings that increase a point


Read an article to remind: Harmonious life daily life is helpful for driving the happiness that husband and wife lives. In life daily life, take care of each other betwe夜上海论坛网en husband and wife夜上海论坛, master each other, it is promotion spouse concern上海龙凤网坛, harmonious style, rise close of feeling had better be a method. That Zuo , in life daily life, how to answer to you just can have sex of harmonious and melting husband and wife?

1, to the sex of oneself the feeling is assumed

Basically be will tell to wife, wife has the right to raise active provision clearly to the sexual feeling of oneself. Whe魔都新茶论坛n broke贵族宝贝花千坊ERnhearted, body owes beautiful, ought to politely decline husband. In life of husband and wife, want oneself to look for joy to oneself, make Laogong makes clear the requirement of Hunan oneself conscientiously.



How does Japanese woman increase ” pleasure “


Survey data informati上海黑玫瑰on explains, the person that there is 1/3 in Japanese woman has come according to some kind of forging the muscle inside crimple vagina, what can enjoy a gender to be able to arise at will as soon as possible夜上海最新论坛 then is happy. That Zuo , often can life of husband and wife cause the vagina flabby? How should if you slackened,you do?

Often life of husband and wife ca闵行蝴蝶验证归来uses the vagina flabby

Pool of doctor of department of gynaecology issues Yu Zi to emphasize when admitting a reporter to interview, medical bound notices more and more lady is lax inside the vagina of anxious oneself already.

The pool issues a doctor to make clear, the problem with past concerned flabby vagina is common at giving birth to the child’s female, but came 5 years in the past, 20 years old of girls just also began with respect to the vagina flabby and before go to a hospital outpatient service go to a doctor. Lady worry vagina is flabby, be opposite as the man impotent feel angst is same. The lax level inside little girl vagina of ten years old a lot of exceeded them this age requires some levels, the prime cause that creates this kind of situation is excessive often husband and wife lives.

The doctor below the pool says, the gender should be being extended上海4197龙凤DF inside repair vagina is not in envisaging so simple, little imagine needs only slightly forging can make sexual life happy obtain very big improvement. But, she does not think to use[……]