I married 2 marriage smaller than me 24 years old in school woman student [武汉新茶网址achieve a hair formerly]


I married 2 marriage smaller than me 24 years old in school woman student [achieve a hair formerly] Edition advocate leave a messageAdjoining Laowang (2018/7/16 20:23) : Release thematic post to be added after caption please [achieve a hair formerly] deny Suo Tie not to grant to give a mark . As a child I belong to curiosity stronger, but the person with more indrawn disposition. First love was encountered when attending a college, a petite and bashful girl. She is later than me, we two belong to learn bully model, different and professional, attract each other. We that time undergraduate is quite conservative still, add my disposition of two not to calculate active, the process that enters love accordingly is very slow really, from like each other now and then arrive to pulled a hand to experience 2 years truly about, the 3rd year I am big 4 just tasted forbidden fruit secretly. I continue later this school is read grind, regrettablly her college graduate goes to Japan studying abroad, all sorts of reasons our regret parts company, parting company this is the thing with my this the most regretful all one’s life. Graduation hind talked about a few to do not have a feeling, knew later allow wife, jing is day person at that time, the feeling is very beautiful. The choose that decides to oneself originally occasionally the standard is undergraduate course above, also do not consider on she is three-year institution of higher learning. Love 2 years, she also is quite congenial disposition and bearing during, 武汉夜生活论坛网027married next. The initial stage after marriage is pretty good still, but because marry a few bagatelle of bilateral and contributive and so on, bury played the root of the trouble, she has to my parents be hostile to naturally. Because raise the child,wait for a problem later, bilateral contradiction upgrades ceaselessly, again she comes home with respect to all sorts of crammer evening later, be caught to follow her first love to see house property together by me once eventually, bilateral and contradictory become acute and divorce. During the marriage of my first time puts add, my Qq met the girl of junior high school of a country accidentally, parents leaves other. One’s own mother gave birth to 3 daughters, she is the old. Father gave birth to two little brothers again after 2 marriage. Father and stepmother work in Guangdong, do not come home all the year round, still cannot make a few money, in the home special poverty. And she besides read even if bring child for parents. Original study is OK still, but what be done by this kind of environment is decadent with each passing day. It is this moment, very accidental our each other added Qq. See I discover the photograph although she is rural girl, but grow OKly to say inherent beautiful qualitative, becoming aware such girl buries a country too regrettablly. Next I encourage her from spirit, let her spend decadent period, 武汉夜生活网NHone’s deceased father went up high school, continue to encourage next, support a few tuition, pin money, little gift and so on, she became high school the student of be among the best of candidates. The university entrance exam is taken an examination of smoothly went up the some that I am in Shandong this university. Her father and stepmother support her to read an university far from, a minute of money does not give her. Because of indescribable reason she applies for no less than aiding to learn loan, then I assumed her all tuition and partial maintenance, the income that the rest is the scholarship that she wins and part-work and part-study system is maintained. She became university period to learn typically bully, 4 years 8 semester are divided integratedly later is class entirely the first, tie li of 3 two appearance, all sorts of award take be irresolute when firmness is needed. My teaching gives she and teacher, counsellor, school group organization does well the skill of the relation, she was become in the school model the student of the model, fall in my encouragement and guidance even, learned Youkelili (similar guitar, but the musical instrument with smaller than guitar build) . Big one when, she did not talk about love all the time, she always is appellation I am an elder brother, I am actually bigger than her full 24 years old much still, it is a pure uncle to her. I can feel come out she has kind of natural close feeling to me, produced hazy feeling of the girl to me, but she knows I am married, never speak a mouth so. She is big when semester, my divorce is immersed in a paragraph of depression period. She is changing this paragraph of time pattern comforts me, she also has persuaded me to resume marriage and so on, but spilt water cannot be gathered up again, ex-wife had a new sweetheart very quickly also. Later, one day she comes to the city that I am in with respect to very abruptness ground, profession to me face-to-face, I am very amazed at that time, return with her small for euphemistic refuse. But later her work with perseverance, even with coercing from incomplete I. I am a person that sees blood is dizzy, next helpless agreeing interact with her first, but did not follow her that what. In those days she seeks winter vacation I take her to go to Macao looking, be in Macao she is very active, I one impulse was together truly with her. I am a Cancer man, sense of responsibility is very strong, after wherefrom, I used up a man to her, even what father can do is all. A lot of friends do not value our feeling, but her concentrated degree lets me be touched very much. Her university graduates, protect smoothly grind, but she says not to want to read, want to marry with me. I am becoming aware she is read it is very important to her future to grind, insist to let her be read first grind to say again, she says then I must get card first with her later. Refuse to budge does not fall, we got card finally, the relatives and friends that still surrounds to Xiaofan did feast, from law and custom we calculate married. Grind 1 times now semester accident is pregnant 3 many months, suspend one’s schooling of her plan next year is born. I do not know to my union of two, how do the friends on the net look? Real story, do not be fond of pat please. Publish in this website estimation to have a friend the meeting is curious I can satisfy her, very bear the blame say, it is her beg for mercy every time. But I do not know this kind of condition still can last a few years. PS1: The comment of all friends I had looked seriously, thank you very much very much, the n of friend lean to one side that thanks so much is held and bless us, also thank the question that partial friend raises and proposal. Also be opposite below a few doubt of the friend do a bit specification, also be pair of your enthusiastic to responded to: 1, I whether the condition is pretty good. This is afraid the level that did not secure, with the place city and social progress state of affairs are concerned. The Master that 90 time graduate is unripe basic now it is each unit backbone or manager, my ask oneself does not calculate what differ among them, because this cures wife,the child should be do a job with skill and ease. Income how many she had never asked me, also do not accept any precious gifts, resemble average student up to now same, in the school the life is consumed 89 / year appearance. 2, body current situation and take exercise. I from read period arrives now no matter much busier metropolis takes exercise. I become aware the move is proper take exercise to be able to improve the health not only, and acumen of brains letting a person, because this also suggests friends are much,take exercise. These a few years of careers are stable, note food and psychological reduce pressure quite. Can say body pretty is good now, without white hair, not fat not thin, on the face do not have years trace basically also, unfamiliar National People’s Congress thinks by accident more I three. 3, the burden that brings about her family. She once did not let her go to school to father have complaint quite, but very deep to feeling of younger brother and sister. What I say to her this is impoverished family is helpless choice, she understands gradually and remove the barrier with family. Her home is united in wedlock to ours by begin very not intense opposition to evolve into series to ask. To these requirements she agrees with my viewpoint: Unjustifiable requirement refuses stoutly, reasonable requirement gives contented, important thing is satisfied actively. Final requirement: 100 thousand diploid betrothal gifts; For her family offers this city house; The college tuition of two little sisters and living cost are wrapped completely; Arrange two little brothers to learn school study at a school on a temporary basis in this locality; Go up for her family main business risk; Offer opportunity of this locality job for her parents. Her dotal but oversight, I do not have an opinion. 4, the manner about my people. Although my parents is the person of reasonable, but beginning also is misgive to this picket marriage heavily. From had seen my parents, she is right my parents esteem, filial, before my parents very diligent, this has great difference with ex-wife. My parents was at ease completely now, to her very be very fond of. The son begins is not express an opinion to her manner, through her effort, getting along also is increasingly harmonious. Be a hard job to her really. 5, about ideal difference. The severe test that passes an university and I show the effort with her oneself of purpose, her figure and idea are already complete thoroughly remould oneself. Appearance is already peremptory the girl that becomes a grace, accompany me to participate in a few fundamental situations also no longer stage fright. She is evil also filled music, art, make up kind knowledge, raise oneself accomplishment. She learned table tennis, tennis, swim, also dabble gem gal and body train. Same, I also get used to her world in effort, accompany her to ramble night fair, have big grade, see green play, cyclist. Say simply, two people do not have the place of apparent off the beat. Of course, she still has all sorts of small temper of young girl, those are including in my eye. PS2: ? Appropriate of dusk of box of grave of chasm of Ya of confused bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of Qiu stomach travel 8! After  S1, more friend fears her family gives me brought responsibility, also politely reminds me she reachs family whether corporeal problem. Here I explain again. 1, in all fairness, her itself has nothing to do with material, because the process that marriage talking marries talks in us, she is to hold to money one minute t武汉夜生活论坛o also do not want to marry me to a married woman’s parents’ home from beginning to end, this lets me be touched very much. 2, I reckon everybody is anxious a little is the 3 mention a few burdens in seeing PS1 probably. The likelihood is I say is not very clear. In fact besides betrothal gifts, I add other actively. The betrothal gifts that her parents begins to want has a place really tall, but final amount was reduced before the determined manner that although family does not agree with her,also can marry me in her reasonable range. the tuition that I assume her little sister actively, follow commitment actually she is same, I cannot bear heart two little sisters (985, one 211) because be the girl,lose the chance that accepts good education. As to the help her family solves the residence (without change the name of owner in a register) , the problem such as the job, study at a school on a temporary basis, it is the fatigue of raise one’s hand only to me, one kind when als

o be pair of her family is fed back. And to her family bought danger of a serious illness and accident a place difficult of access is to avoid to give what accident to affect my life of two. 3, the friend worries about her two brothers will come is a huge burden, I and she also had consider ahead of schedule, and follow her family already bright the attitude that says us: Since her parents is old,assemble money reads for two sons, so she the charge in principle that two little brothers read is mixed by her father stepmother burden, I can be in only offer a help when necessary. Not be my burden does not rise, however a kind of strategy — — excessive does good person to be able to let a person do not understand only be thankful. From me the heart is told, I consider as those who award be inferior to awarding with the fish with fishing, on the education of her little brother I won’t grudge pay, I just do not want to say to let a person becoming aware in in the open I am ought to, and let oneself of her home person lose struggling power. Buy a house as to little sister of so much in the future brother, marry I can give normal elder sister’s husband to be able to give only, won’t wrap greatly absolutely pull greatly. 4, a when everybody may have not thought greater burden is her a little sister has the desire that study abroad. If take the word that is less than fellowship, that needs the about a hundred price of 10 thousand, can take fellowship to also must pay the balance subsidy of at least 4489. Is everybody becoming aware whether should I support? Premise explains, my son I am to plan him to study abroad, wife Master adviser holds out the ability that values her, persuade her forethought to go abroad read rich — — and her ideal is when teacher lecturer, chelonian doctor is good target almost. Truth says 3 go abroad I also can be assumed, but the younger brother and sister that still has other. . . . I also am afraid of each follow the lead of a bit. . . . . PS3: ? Magnesian younger sister shine is Luo of  standing tall and upright pure blow noise of Du of the have diarrhoea that receive a bell repeatedly does example of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase mire pacify of Xing of bogus of Qiu of 8 #  goes arc? Blow common of trade  growing permanent teeth spruce clumsy of fade of wood of chasm of S of line of business of clothing of 8 #  blows Mu Zha why annulus of  of Guo of  hairpin serve painful Song guides crusty pancake of serve of Xin of Sun of Fu Huan U in order to shame 8 ability agents rip  of yellow sandpiper of   show off show off of  of Yan boundless and indistinct, what established life of our husband and wife is good and germinant, cannot low-key passion let me review long-unseen one night 3 times the pleasure of man (distain me please, her first time I ought not to such, shed a lot of blood at that time, 100% former outfit ) . It is randy that I do not deny myself, normal man is randy, just gentleman although somewhat good but the having that should take. I also do not deny myself to have a place ” evil ” , the body and mind that had a bea武汉新茶网址utiful girl with the age of uncle is deep-set among them hard extricate oneself, the only useful the remainder of one’s life that I can repay makes her happy. It is good to had germinant everything later is follow a rational line to do some work well. Later we the opportunity that each other create all sorts of passion of purpose, every time each other are very to one’s heart’s content. The elapse of time did not let passion fade, instead experience is long cover is new. The propinquity of day after day, she sees my eyes always be full of love, she very the classmate good friend that calm ground introduces me to her, evade the ground to call me none before them ” husband ” , (she often calls me on the bed ” uncle ” , be a bit small also ” evil ” ? ) this lets my really pretty touch. Big hill of her one’s previous experience, but the grace before growing ground person now is beautiful, person of hold up of the sex appeal after the person. Do not be afraid of everybody jest, a such young wife every time that to me love knows amorous feelings again allow my second together that what. The each second of survive, the love to her is in my heart. Up to now the sexual life that I had given her 5 years satisfaction, I believe with us feeling is mixed now body condition, future has 5 years of good husband and wife to live should not be tickler. To moment she also is a mature woman that has 10 years of satisfaction history, this is unripe should not regret. Of safety period capricious inside shoot, she conceived our daughter, be about to be born during the Spring Festival, bless her. PS4: ? Huge rock of dog ⒁ badge is male of narrow one’s eyes of foot of  of  of celestial being of abhor of plan   able to bear or endure  Ya just? PS5: ? Qualitative choke magnesian younger sister shine stamp makes fun of breed of ⑾ of  of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of  class  standing tall and upright to walk on an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise to suckle brandish of  You Yun to believe vinegar of massacre of castrate of spay of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase moth of the Huaihe River of suddenly of  of  of discharge of lofty of dusk of adept of 8 #  shakes live abroad of post Mou of  of U Xun Wei Chu moth drag obstruct, it is a beautiful and lovely cherub really, healthy beautiful, see I laugh, the lover of preexistence, the quality that has a daughter is friendly people ability some experiences, namely the sort of wanting that wave the feeling of God. The girl has ancestral palmmprint, . 2 it is small 2 embryoes conceive charming wife again, easy pregnant constitution, it is capricious simply in, I see this Master do not know clever boy year Ma Yue can numerate came . Another is the lacteal annulus that is interested in many friends also be responded to. Tell true, I have a special liking to lacteal annulus, still had sent the card of concerned breast annulus before. Beginning is when with small charming wife love loves, abracadabra says to wear to her, she at that time with respect to come to an agreement or understanding. Did not take seriously originally, did not think of she asks after the event how I am worn, wore meeting how. . . . The most important is when to be worn, hair is affectedly sweet when saying, have bit of small yearning it seems that. . . . . Next, ha, hahaha. . . . . The friend asks to whether delay lactation, I can say she is affecte武汉夜盟315d this without what only, it is good that lactation is taken off. Milk is very fluent, do not ask how I know . Lubricious nevertheless friend people must wanting to notice when wearing, be returned is some cultured, it is to cannot use too thick puncture needle, want to have patience however, after wearing stoma to cicatrization, expand slowly a bit, just good. Not avaricious, too big affirmative conference destroyed tit aesthetic feeling. 2 be must prevent to affect certainly in the process, can leave scar otherwise, serious meeting lets tit happening distortion, sequential that with respect to it’s hard to say. Those who have a problem leave a message I can reply as far as possible. Those who have a problem leave a message I can reply as far as possible.. This card is final by Kallieu2 at 2020-12-15 09:01 editor1 editorOf interior chasteness the blessing that you receive guardianship goddess 6 gold coinAccessoryIMG28320.jpg(254.6 KB)2019-12-10 12:57Grading records this note recentlyAttack to love wildGold coin+ 65True and touching! Add cent to encourage ~2018-7-19 07:46Attack to love wildContribute+ 2True and touching! Add cent to encourage ~2018-7-19 07:46Crayon small this mortal worldGold coin+ 45Hair post is painstaking! 2018-7-18 12:51


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