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[achieve a hair formerly] African past – Xia Chao coils[African past – Xia Chao coils]Everybody looked to help please greatly voting, give me a bit opinion. Deferent doorViewthread.php? Tid=8031587&extra=page%3D1&frombbs=1[spring scenery of African past 1-10 coils] Viewthread.php? Tid=7909790&page=1#pid170179721[Zhang Xia of African past 19-25 is wet in coiling]Viewthread.php? Tid=8028393&page=1#pid172757102[Xia Chao of African past 26-30 coils]Viewthread.php? Tid=8053962&page=1#pid173325167[African past – Qiu Yun coils] Viewthread.php? Tid=8206162&page=1#pid176245030Author: 8052417732019/3/9 publishs at: Head send SexInSexWord number: 19335National Day of the 11st chapterNight, I am pulling tired out body to return company villa. Return the hall, a few colleagues get together to be worn on tableBegin to write or paint writes down this getting on, hit DOTA of game of local area network. the Sun Gong of hassle, look up take aim to come in to me, cry quite” look! Our hero that fight day came back. This fellow swung me afternoon run to mix a Japanese girl fool around. You do not know, that girl grows the thief is beautifully! Confuse our Xiaoguo so that mesmerize. Come back so late, be notBe had gotten Japanese girl was decided. “Someone else cachinnates one blast, opening elementary fun farfetchedly, eristic my tasteful anecdote. My complexion became cold come down, heavy track” do not pull these first, you hit this bureau to wait for me, I eat a meal to also be hit together! “DOTA is a very classical 5V5 to war game. It suits to dismiss in Africa very much dull in the eveningtime. The law is done not have to hook up here battle net of home. We can be hit inside the local area network onlyCivil war. I am play among them best. It is to kill all directions greatly every time at the beginning. Colleague accurate is defeated every time, I do hit the poorest colleague admeasure teammate, still do not win. SlowlyBecome 5 colleagues to hit my person to take 4 mad computer, result or they are defeated to win more little. FinallyBecome 5 colleagues to hit my person to take 4 simple computer that appoint a hero, then IWin again hard issue them. After all I am not 2009… PIS. God-given today I am willing to be become actively Boss of villain in drama by their cruel, they are excited. They alreadyWin my first-rate combination via finding, used regulation to take the biggest advantage compulsively again. 20 minutes can shift the base that makes the same score me. I am very clear this result. A bureau, sun Gong is operating filling knife of lot of bewitching of graceful Jia sea to make money with his 2 levels that point to buddhist. I choose regret ground lookNiu Zaizhong road makes money silently, mental retardation computer is transmitted ceaselessly in earphone by themKnock killed sound. The defence tower of frontier way also is in ceaseless by breach. I did not pay attention to these, with the fastest fastDegree hit jump knife. Go to frontier way second secretly next Sun Gong’s hero. The bovine head second that is jumped out suddenly by me heroic Sun Gong is frightened so that tremble” my good gracious, so firm. “Next he awaits a hero to revive, just took the range of the tower, the bovine head second that is jumped out by me again. He is frightened so that tremble again” I lean, how to kill me again! “My light answer” just encounter by chance just, do not care about these detail! “Next, he revives again go out. By me second. He does not know I had inserted line eye before their base door. I am defended around their base, wait for him to readSecond end goes out to kill him. I also am disinclined to manage the in disorder that him base is torn open by someone else. Successive 3 bureaus, it is they gain a victory very quickly. But what Sun Gong always dies is most that. Go up personally besidesWhat to install basically to be done not have, even if 5 people embrace a group, I jump court death, also be he topples first. He angry is straightReceive did not play. Game can be defeated, sun Gong must die. Who calls him the mouth so cheap. Late at night, as game empty after the show, I go up in the bed again and again, sleep completely to be not worn, I am wanting to I hope afternoonChild if the young lady says, sighed at a heat. When seeing week of boss next time, hope he can give me some of proposal. July 1 is the National Day day of R country, the whole nation has a holiday. Hand in a minister to call in as the abroad in last year, and beforeBefore long culture minister visits R country China. Two countries relation enters honeymoon period. China expedites artistic group to prepare to be done in National Day dayPerformance. National Day celebration is held in the national stadium that Chinese aid builds, I and a few colleagues drive in the morning come to sportsCome add trouble to. Enter stadium not to need entrance ticket. But should queue up to install check, my platoon is in black team, dullEverywhere look around, see suddenly in front a familiar form. I tried to cry” Reebeca! ? “Beautiful beautiful black girl has turned round, it is her as expected, we divide the daughter of packet of business. I toward her brandish wave, she was stupefied a little while, laughed next. She recalls at long last who am I. She and a chaperon on the side said a few, go to the side of me next. ” Chinese, I remember you. “” very glad to see you again, I and staff will see the celebration program of your country. “” that we together! Hear still your Chinese is performed. ” Reebeca this girlThe program that the butt joint comes down very expect. Although I do not know us of the country artistic group can give some of what program, but or very confident path” assure to make you big open horizon! “The Sun Gong on the side sees I and this black beautiful woman is so ripe, sour say” how can your boy meet so beautiful girl? “I look at him complacently to” who calls you won’t foreign language? “Inside stadium huge crowd of people, atmosphere is enthusiastic. The ambassador of the high level of R country and each country consulate is driven todayOverlook the scene. What security work does is strict all the more, be on duty for the most partis the army of the army. The president published an address above all, although time is not long, but the acclamation that causes the people inside whole field. PresidentIt is military one’s previous experience, civil war ended ten years ago, stableAfter condition, the had a series of rich effect reform; of bold and resolute also is long sleeve be apt to on diplomacyDance. The life; that uses international to help improve people ceaselessly calculates put aliveOn bound arena, also be the part with quite fierce complete in both respects of a civil and military. As a few high levels the speech is finished, hold raise a flag to sing the ceremony of national anthem again, it is literary watch next nextAct. Black singer of place sings this locality song, of the primitive tribeReligious dancing, football athlete performs beautiful type dribble to wait. . I sit on bleachers windblown dc drivel, the program of these blacks does not know to be differred than domestic levelWhere to go. The course is so old of evening party of Spring Festival of the TV central washCeremony, appreciation eye of the Chinese has become very captious, my program to them a bit interest have. Reebeca and her friend looks however with pleasure. Sun Gong and anotherTwo colleagues want to strike up a conversation with them all the time, regrettablly the language is no good, cannot communicate. After coming on the stage to group of Chinese S art all the time, I just had dot interest. The belle dancer of all of one suit, jumpMove the modern dance that has ethical amorous feelings. More Great Master of Sichuan opera suddenly turn hostile is revealedThe suddenly turn hostile that do武汉sz养生 not have block is absolutely vivid, the full-court cry in fear that treat again and again, applause is ceaseless. ” be too magical really, lie between regrettablly too far, it is not clear to look. ” two when Reebeca looks putSmooth, wish to jump down bleachers, run go looking among field. ” do you like the program 武汉夜生活论坛of this suddenly turn hostile very much? ” I am laughing to ask her. ” of course, resemble becoming magic and same. Had been performed regrettablly. ” look at Chinese artistic group slowly retreatField, reebeca sighed at a heat. ” do not have a thing, I let them perform to you again. ” what I laugh is even more mysterious rise. Reebeca is remittent looked me up and down a long time, white finally I am one” No Way! ” (impossible)” then we bet! ” I am crooked head, lick a lip. Reebeca forgive has fun at look at me, fine long hair is holding out crisp bosom hum without what dread hum agreed. ” wow oh! ” the deep trench of before I am feeling chin to look at her bosom half dew thinks evilly, what to bet to just have quiteInteresting?    The 12nd chapterEmbassyThe following day in the morning, I am taking Reebeca to come to Chinese embassy of place, a typical ChinaSiheyun child in the big courtyard of layout. I and Reebeca bet it is OK to let Chinese S artistic group performs again, not be me the status is specialPerhaps have authority situation. Just I know artistic group to be able to be in embassy fitlyLocal China chamber of commerce is displayed again art. This also considers us abroad the Chinese’s welfare. The Chen Ge of embassy gets us twice to adytum, he is the chef of diplomatic mission, also be my fellow-townsman. Companythe leader often helps him take condiment of some of special local product of wine of home town smoke. WeThe relationship is very good. ” thank Chen Ge to help! ” I handhold his hand sayHe laughs at the taking me shoulder course of mew: ” it is fellow-townsman is fastened so polite, last the smoke that you help me takeI return wine to did not thank your manager! “He glances a little nervous Reebeca” the ambassador also asked friend of a lot of foreign countries today, you take your friend to go in! Your Qiu Zong and other traderThe person of the meeting had arrived. “The person of each companies is worn today installing, I also wore a suit suit. Everybody is in conference sitting roomChatting at will in, I am swept in the hall come sweep off, at long lastFind me to want the person that seek, the week boss of Chinese cafeteria. I find a place for Reebeca to one at onceBy the side of, go looking for week of boss directly. I press what small voice feels embarrassed a bit to ask” are you to say emotional respect can seek advice from you last? “Week boss is surprised a bit, but still nod, path” be! How, do you find a girlfriend? “” be such! ” I mixed that day to the full course of confess of Miss Xing Zi week boss said. ” finally, miss Xing Zi rejected me, she says she has fiance. ” my depressed sayAfter week boss listens pursy brows, he seems to be in considering saying decline, it is good to passed a little while. He ability language centre of gravitySay longly” I persuade you or abandon! Be known according to me, japanese woman student is very serious still to be engaged. Basically, I am to had not seen had had a woman the example of active regret marriage. If you look for lone me to be able to help you however. . . . . “I had done not have the word at the back of week boss idea listens went down. Although he says very reasonable, but I orHave bit of not reconciled to. do this hit the target namely without the predestined relationship? I still count on week sentiment emperor to have clever court of what affection field, can perpetrate a gigantic fraud, take person of one’s heart only. Let me however nowTo one’s great diappointment. I think he is a Wang Zhe, the result is a bronze only. Do not know how, what two eyelid begin to jump is fierce. I feel I should be to be enraged, orPerson be to be stimulated. The deep breathing that I try hard a few. I comfort myself ceaselessly, korean every day round herTurned so long still not be a common friend. I just see her a few times, and I this runs everywhere every dayDo not have time to go again so slant positional school looks for her. I and she does not have any opportunities. Oneself were done a long time think ofMiss the work, I always am be pacified to come down. Passed a little while, loud exert came, he is short short thin thin, do not accord with the figure of traditional China official to wantBeg, but the esteem that everybody holds the post of to keep enough to him like that. Overseas, embassy is the safeguard with our Chinese the most important safety. Literary performance undertakes as scheduled. This, we need not lie between large crowd and distant bleachers, completely closeThe appreciation the quintessence of a country of the distance is performed. Especially suddenly turn hostileThe Great Master’s suddenly turn hostile is absolutely vivid, simply reach the limit. He lets a person stand before him, two people apart does not pass one controlDistance, need not any keep out, it is head flash flash only, The instant changes several pieces of types of facial makeup in operas repeatedly, how is showing spatial somebody to be able to see well after all without anybody changed. Very muchForeign friend was stupefied by the craft of this kind of fantastic, Reebeca is not exceptional also, what she looks is big breathe out small cry, catching me to want me to help her do obeisance to Shi Xueyi. After waiting for a performance to be over, I look for Great Master group photo, said the request of next Reebeca with him incidentally. Great MasterThe attitude is very friendly” my this stunt but unlike of those street make a living as a performer, TV station of Japan of the beginning of the year interviews me this year, want to use 3High speed camera passes from what each angle pat my suddenly turn hostileCheng. I let them pat, the result is patted is to use slow-motion look, they also look not to come out my suddenly turn hostile is howdo. Want to learn this consummate skill, you must take an examination of XX firstArtistic institute. Learn basic skill 3 years in the university next, repass major takes an exam, ability proves you are thisMakings, I just can consider receive you to be apprentice. “Reebeca hears me turn appraise, say tongue way” so god-given requirement! I can be not done. “” that has this kind of stunt to learn so easily! Have an adage, on the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result! ” I am trueIt is to spit groove feebly her innocent. Wait for artistic group each performance ends, be midday dine together. Have be the chef of domestic large kitchen, we are enjoyed again oneThe cate of second home town. This let my mood ameliorateDot, I eat to amusing Reebeca at the same time at the same time. ” how, I did not cheat you! I made art round be performed to you again, bet I won! “Reebeca eliminates the Chinese moon cake in beginning at the same time, toot toot at the same time” you this is cogged. It is you obviously the government is early good with respect to arrangement, not be your contribution. “” also have hard work without contribution, also have exhaustion without hard work! What is knowing to wish to bet admit defeat? “” I Don’t Know! “Be in our bicker when, chen Ge goes to the side of me, in a low voice with my say” Xiaoguo, have a thing afternoon! “I at once wipe up mouth, path: ” occupied you talk! “Chen Ge says with me, the actress of artistic group wants to ramble afternoon the souvenir that buy a place. Their the leader of a sports team wants diplomatic missionOpen a car to receive send, assure incidentallyThe actor’s safety. Chen Ge feels I do communication project to run to be familiar with the capital quite everywhere, want to pull me to accompany him oneRise. I think, there is not an aboriginal female tourist guide very much on the side of this! Then I persuade Reebeca to say” you bet as it happens to be defeated. Help me make a conduct a sightseeing tour afternoon, take the actor with our round art to go out to buy bit of commemoration dayArticle, we calculate pull made the same score. How? “Reebeca twists be武汉夜网论坛GR affectedly bashful to hold half talent to agree, also be to see the ability on the face in artistic round actor probablyAgree. Have dinner, we rested, the business affairs car that takes diplomatic mission followed Chen Ge to go out together. On board, I meet the two belles actor of this artistic group. One is called A Zi, one is called small handsome. The 13rd chapterShop (one)Chen Ge was taking I and Rebeeca to get on the business affairs car of embassy. Get on a car I notice back rowtwo belles actor. Those who make me amazed is, discharge makeup small handsome girl, grow so that hold out to resemble Miss Xing Zi, neverthelessWhat a kind of clear has pity on more is temperamental. I do not know how, those who see my face is red is fierce. Frighten IRemoveded at once look. After waiting for us to take a seat, the Chen Ge of in front of made an introduction to our both sides. Small handsome girl very know courtesy, Laugh at move and us to greet sb” troublesome today elder brother and elder sister of black young lady! “She that one soft soft Sichuan word listens in my heart crisp crisp, the inclination that I feel embarrassed. Chen Ge coughed, next say” you are round with respect to you two people think out to ramble. The person is not much, but we still should notice safety. Too farToo devious place cannot go, after all hereIt is African country. The Azi raise one’s hand of curl of a wave, aloud” Chen Ge, we do not run in disorder, want to be in here the souvenir that buy a place is brought back. You say to us what have specialLubricious! “Chen Ge scratchs his head, think” this country small poor, good thing of true it doesn’t matter. Seem to also have bit of distinguishing feature with respect to woodcarving. Of ebony. “A Zi head shakes resemble rattle-drum, her shrivelled shrivelled mouth path” I had bought woodcarving, want again dead, I can be taken do not move, our sister thinks the gem of the Africa that buy a place perhaps is resembledTooth act the role ofing is tasted. Have here? “” this! I had not been bought. ” Chen Ge sees me hesitantly, ask ” had you bought Xiaoguo? “Two pairs of beautiful big eyes glance sideways to me, I have what the dot feels embarrassed to answer” some swim before crural businessman comes to had promoted ivory, after trading, went. I do not know where to have. . . . . . “I remember suddenly, be to have an aboriginal black beautiful woman on the side. I consulted next Reebcc at onceA. She is very clear to the place of these thing buying and selling. The action that nevertheless she wants to buy ivory to two actors quiteHave a view. ” do really do not know your Chinese why to like to buy ivory goods! Expensive value of it doesn’t matter. “My meaning Reebcca sends word to two girls, they are extremely happy. I reminded favorably. ” this thing can be law of law of nations illicit. When you had bought custom, can want to take care to nod! “The interlocution of Azi not worry at all” we buy dot act the role ofing to taste Dai Zaishen to go up, not be to buy a whole tooth, pass a barrier when, who can be checked soCareful. “Our group person went the place that downtown foreign currency changes first, convert money of a few place. (local franc andRMB exchange rate is in probably 80:1appearance) be in next of Reebcca how-to came down inside cityHandle the market of handicraft. We 7 turn 8 turns come to market most inside a inside small shop. Reebcca mixes black thinblack old man made call, the old man understands our one’s purpose in coming, show mysterious smile, with that strange accentTo us harp” A rice, a rice! Ivory! Ivory! “He is taking us to cross the antechamber that puts full handicraft, come from the back in a frame house, take out a beat to rouse a snakeLeather bag. Tasted ivory act the role ofing the one after another to be placed entirely. Two girls immediately the eye shined, they take an another ivory to act the role of article, chirp carryAnthology rise. I stand in cabin, feel be agitated having a place is mixed unwell. See two girls raise the likelihood that rises to not was over, IBe forced and the prattle of old elder brother on the side” how don’t you buy Chen Ge together nod ivory act the role ofing to taste? “” I have a friend to had been bought before, he calls me to must not be bought, this plays meaning begin to look bright and clean Bai Liang, butIt is the tooth with the person same, cannot cross what Huang Hei fizzles out two years

to become black. Not be professional artwork collect buy thisValue of true it doesn’t matter. ” he sighed at a heat, path ” also with respect to them these girls are interested in these things. “” that is, can be before the friend show off! “Chatting, a Zi is right my beck. She raves” the master comes over to help my interpreter fall, these things that we pick want how many money! ? “The thing that they pick is true still many, have hand catenary, hand annulus, necklace, the chopstick. I help them one by oneAsked price. Just as one would expect, the price is very expensive. The local money that they trade does not buy the thing of next their pitch on quite. ” what! A pair of chopsticks are about 15000 franc. Fast 200 RMBs. How so expensive! ” A Zi raves ill-affectedlyShe and be favored with of be favored with of my toot toot, say she buys so much to want black boss to give a dot the discount, say this bracelet form againShape asymmetry, mark having spot quality is bad, the reason of all sorts of all kinds of strange things, I what listen had not begun an interpreter with respect to within an inch ofWas persuaded. This girl is met really argy-bargy ah! The vocabulary that I collect me to be able to say the meaning to Azi of black boss report’s girl. But what does black old man say notRelease what is held, a minute of money is not little, love is bought do not buy. Eye of my goggle at and his bargaining a long time, can abandon only finally. Next I called the Reebcca outside the door again, said a good word a long time with her, hope she persuadesPersuade this fellow-townsman to give a dot privilege. Reebcca is frank, but go up to did not say two are returned come back to accuseAppeal to me, this is ” Last Price ” (final price)This old young lady did not nod bright woman completely to throw the skill natural gift of valence inherently. Teammate is slippery also, I am helplessCan reply only two girls, with respect to this price. A Zi listens, brow stood to rise, not comply not the path of forgive” you won’t be translated! I a moment ago said so much, you say this twice. Be no good, you help Chen GeI say. “Chen Ge one face indifferently by” my English is no good, also won’t local language. This I do not give help really on. Nevertheless I believe small Guo Shui, youPeople should feel expensive to be not bought really calculated. “The small handsome on the side pulls her, persuade” calculated, guo Ge also endeavored. We bought a dot less to go. Fasten such. “A Zi is knitting the path with not happy brows” I and come to an agreement or understanding of domestic brothers and sisters should take a gift to them. Are you to also say those who buy a gift to should give pa Mom! “Although A Zi talks to make a person uncomfortable a bit, but the appearance that looks at small handsome to sufferring from a face, I cannot bear a bit againHeart. I thought a little while, try to say with them” I have an idea, do not know to be able to go, but you should go out first. I help you cut price as far as possible. “Two girls belt is worn distrustful eyes went. Inside house remnant old man of I and that black, he or beltHypocritical profession smiles, not urgent not of dry face me. I am to look at face of his that Zhang Xiao to be enraged really. Does he still think really eat decide a Chinese did this approve fat sheep? In thinkingIs compatriots money much person foolish? I let you the what below understanding know today is a Chinese. The 14th chapter shops (2)I take a pair of ivory chopsticks before, ask casually” boss, this chopstick is 15000 franc be to! “Black old man is laughing to nod, path” yes! Yes! This quality is very good! “” then I do not want a pair, bought a chopstick to go. “The smile of black old man is caky, he did not know how to should say. I am inclined eyeball of have sth in mind looks at him, laugh” how? Don’t one sell? “Black old man thinks, seem also problem of it doesn’t matter, he nods” sell! Sell of course. “” good, still have this ivory necklace, it is 65000 franc be! “” right. “” necklace is too long, boss you tore open the redundant bead above, we press a number to calculate fund, have 4 in all8, I should go 30 times. “” alas! This! How do this calculate? ” begin to sweat on head of black old man, ” very simple, 65000 except with 48 multiply again with the 30 prices that are not finally. Etc, 30 seem to be nodded less, add two again! ” next I take the ring of hand of a string of ivory on the side again. Look of black old man is dull, a pair of expression of fast dizzy past. It is good to passed a little while, when waiting for me to come out from hut, tell two girls they mean bought thingTotal prices. Their mental arithmetic one, discovery compares the quoted price that begins black old man actually little 40% . BlackAlthough the boss is sufferring from a piece of face, but approbate this total prices however. I am opposite in a low voice two girls say” the thing lump that I want you, this price your money should be enough! Do not say more, paymoney goes rapidly. Etc can explain again. “Two girls paid money surprizingly to take a thing, our group person left a shop to go toward. A Zi’s happy ivory necklace in playing a hand, of grinning looked sidelong at me” handsome young man! What did you do after all! How to let black boss giv武汉桑拿夜网PLe so big discount? “” be! Be! Fast tell us! ” small handsome also resembles a curious baby examining minutely aside. ” this ah! . . . . . . “I looked tired outly to go at the back the Rebeeca with one spellbound face, the heart thinks she does not know Chinese, I speak out to also do not have a thing. Then answer to a riddle said” this can say French maths is too strange only flower! “The Chinese crosses compulsory education 9 years on home hind, basically do add simply decrease by except not any barrierHinder, feel these are very simple very common. But these are numerous to the R countryman that once was French colony for, palmGrasping maths is a very difficult issue really. Digital itself of France is very strange. 1 arrive 60 it is aloneVocabulary, but 70 became 60 add 10. 80 became 4 20. 90 be 4 20 add10. Cite a case, 87090 franc should be read in place do 4 20 mix 4 with 7 1000 franc 20Add 10. Read aloud so circle a mouth, more do not talk to undertake adding decreasing multiplying with these numbers besides. I two girlsThe thing that wants to buy closes minute minutes, went out to be added complexly together to black old man decrease by inscribe except count. SuchBlack old man gives circle dizzy, resemble using advocate board compositive show card to open full specially good effect to play like eating chicken. Wait for him to take him that is vintageAfter the calculator calculated a few times hard, knowing is screen too look down upon be not being returned is where to be defeated by a fault, calculate finallyGave a such values. After we gave money, black boss still shows a satisfactory smile, feel he is doneBecame brushstroke the big business of hundred thousands of. ” altogether, the Chinese is very arrogant still on the world break! Go up in maths at least. ” I issued thisThe total epilogue of the thingAdmire after the Fu before two girls listen to those who laugh, feel interesting. A Zi hum” the fund that wants to earn us, it which have is so easy that which have, hole is dead he. “Small handsome is shallow laughing, draw out from bag bag, hand my apple. ” elder brother you are painstaking, eat a throat of malic profit profit! “Touched in my heart, this setting is so familiar. I look at the smiling face of small handsome, as if to look againsomeone’s shadow. I wither, had received an apple to bite, flavour fragrance, slide guttural, become however agonized. I coughed a few times, the feeling is not very comfortable, accompanying these two girls today is too tired really. Take an in part, a Zi cried suddenly” look! There is a cathedral over there. “Down her eyes, I see a of wayside edge old and majestic building, inside voice noisy and confused, still haveSinging comes out. Two girls curiosity is gone to inside took a few steps, look inside past cathedral door, see only inside the station is a lot of fuller blackThe person is singing dance. Small handsome looks interesting, ask I” inside working ah! How to sing what jump again again! “I am not clear also, can ask Rebeeca is informed only” they are in go to church. “The add up toing that after A Zi listened, laughs not approach mouth path” this makes week, how do I feel they are singing card to pull OK! “Small handsome is some experience, she saw say a little while” my Mom also is be religious, the way that she has said Protestantism is propagandist is compared really agile, the black may preferThis kind of lively atmosphere. Reckon what they are celebrating! “Chen Ge sees so much black is inside, a bit nervous, his say” do not see Africa so poor, all sorts of denomination are not little still, mohammedan, catholic still have evil cult even. The moreThe place of poor unwisdom beats moving heart easily the more, this place had not come, we are bit more careful still, go quickly. Gave an issue but disastrous. “A Zi took out card type watch for a chance from bag bag, her in spirits” come, we pat a few pieces to illuminate went, guo master helps us two pat a few pieces of photographs to take a commemoration day! This place prospect is very good. “I look all round, blue sky white cloud, green grass is overlapping, deserve to go up old old church, it is a good view reallyView. Say to Chen Ge then” inside the person is singing! We take a few pieces of pictures, pat go. “Chen Ge sees everybody agree to also holding to again, can ask we are patted only according to go quickly. A just bought ivory that A Zi is show off very adorn taste Dai Zaishen to go up, place all sorts of model. I take a picture to also calculateProfessional, patted a few pieces by turns to everybody. When patting small handsome, use a heart especially, her best appearance is decidedCase is in this each instant. I secretly want, wait below one case to take piece of group photo, should come over to be keep a memory. Just when I pat half body of Wan Xiaoqian to illuminate, when preparation is illuminated all over to her, accident happening. ” ah! “Sad and shrill frightening cry has delimited sky. Poison of the 15th chapter (one)Small handsome screams, whole person is fierce go toward the side, my deciding eye looks, her right is being hanged on crusThe snake of a black, the bite into that the snake dies to death her leg shakes as her movement will shake. A Zi looks at an edge to hide byThe edge cries” have a serpent! Have a serpent! “I and Chen Ge look at filled with apprehension, the man also is afraid that this plays actually meaning. My the first reaction is seek branch everywhere orPerson stick prepares to hit a snake. At that time, reebcca attacks the first times brave however. Her switchThe bag in the hand, ceaseless stroke snake body. After a few, the snake eats painful twisted a few times, loosened the mouth, drop inAt the same time in brushwood, two 3 glide. I just found a branch, this do not consider go up dozen of snake, run to the side of small handsome immediately. Chen Ge also ran, the uprear small handsome with his cadaverous complexion, the talk about again and again in the mouth is worn” was over, was over, I said to be able to have an accident. “I am comforting small handsome say” do not have a thing, the snake was hit to run by us. “Small handsome lowered his head to view next his bases, the side after seeing crus only fine fine hematic hole. She is frightened so that complexion gets stuckWhite, the path that Duo Duo all alone alls alone” good ache! I was bitten by the snake, I was bitten by the snake, I am good be afraid of, how to do? “Chen Ge is opposite anxiously my say” Xiaoguo you rise back of small handsome girl at once, we go to a hospital rapidly. “I agreed, fall in the help of other people at once, small handsome runs outside since the back. Small handsome bend over is on my back, tremble all over, cried” 555! Good ache! I how so hapless! “Reebcca also is one face frightens on the side, loud rave to me” send her to go to a hospital at once! That snake may be Dendroaspis PolylePis “I was not understood, ask at once” you, what snake do you say? ” it is poisonous breakneck the sort of, must send a hospital immediately, she will be otherwise dead. “Click in my heart, quicken a pace at once toward the car there run. A Zi follows at the back, come up at once at that time ask” how, what does that black woman say? “It is not easy that the out of breath that I run has been gotten help small handsome up get on a car, just effort answers her” I also am not very clear, but Reebcca says, likelihood the snake is poisonous, we must go as soon as possible cureCourtyard examination. “A violet complexion changes, her eyeball mill, talk about again and again is worn” was over, was over, that is not small handsome has life risk. Be no good, I must inform our leader. “Chen Ge sits in front, call a driver to drive at the same time, turn round at the same time say” I know around have a Chinese medical team, the doctor there is fiercer, medicines and chemical reagents is much also, we go thereThe examination looks. “Business affairs car is started with the rapiddest rate, fleet on winding highway. Small handsome crouchs inside A Zi’s bosom, frighten so that be in a state of utter stupefaction” how to do! How to do! A Zi, I was bitten by serpent can die, can you die? “” do not have a thing! Those who do not have a thing! . ” A Zi is holding small handsome in the arms, expression raves to me hastily ” you return discomfort to wantThink way, work here look at? “I am silent curved waist sought a bottle of water in car backlash, begin to rinsing the cut of small handsome, squeeze forcibly nextPressing her cut. The hope can push poisonous blood come out. But exert oneself to do sth. , small handsome cries with respect to what ache, crus is moved comeMove. A Zi is barring I, cry in disorder by” what do you do, do not press in disorder here, what did not see small handsome has ached is washed-up! “I am gotten urgently sweating, with A Zi the explanation is done so is to discharge poison. But she none feel grateful is evil instead firmFirm says” you take if it were not for we come to this ghost place, can be small handsome bitten by the snake? I had not followed your account! “” you! ! “I did not think of her actually at this time recriminate, enrage urgently again again, do not say to give a word to come temporarily. At this moment, reebcca pulled me, she takes off a shoe at the same time, say at the same time” you do not make a noise, I think, I see previously after the worker is bitten by the snake, the doctor is a requirement be bittenthe place uses cord to plunge into. Can prevent snake venom to flow as blood so. The bootlace that uses me will bind! “What I feel she says is very reasonable, this moment saves a person to matter, also do not consider on quarrel, turn over this at onceInterpret gives small handsome and A Zi. Although this their complexion is ugly did not object however, I use Reebcca at oncethe crus root ministry that ball bootlace plunged into small handsome closely. Busy be over these, I feel giddy to the head bilges, speed is too fast, road rough, I bumpy am very afflictive. IAsk Chen Ge later” how long to just still reach a hospital? “” still have ten minutes, you hold to. ” Chen Ge also is insecurity is disastrous. ” I a moment ago askedIssue a doctor, he says to bind cut close heart to go out first, next as soon as possible draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part, their hospital has been in prepared. “Small handsome and A Zi listen Chen Ge also so say, complexion gift is bit nicer, I offer to help cut of small handsome extruding discharge poison again, this they ability is darling cooperate. But was squeezed a long time,do not squeeze however give what blood to come. I lean on the seat, look at the place that small handsome is bitten by the snake, her skin is very white, but cut is however nowOne red. Circuit is fine a bit blood sheds only inside fine cut bead. My at the end of one’s wits, of unwilling to give up ask Reebcca again” are you a serpent then certainly? “” I seem to had seen similar snake in one’s childhood, listen to others to say sex of this kind of snake venom is very strong, by biter very fastThe meeting is dead. Do not know your Chinese has special medicine to be able to be treated. ” Reebcca also is a pair veryNervous expression” die very quickly! ? “My heart sank. I dare not hear this word explanation to someone else. I look at the kind that pear of rain of small handsome tear spendsChild, in the heart very cannot bear. I do not have a law to accept really look at her helplessly so apathetic however in danger. Method comes out poisonous platoon as soon as possible. My gnash one’s teeth, drank a big water suddenly, the gargle of effort next mouths. Say to small handsome next” do not be afraid of, I help you suck poison. “I contained a water, in the eye that is surprised in someone else, hold the leg that had small handsome in the arms, sucked an injury forciblyMouth, a raw meat or fish in experiencing a mouth is sweet, next emphatic spits them to car window outside. Small handsome is frightened so that shrink to my this movement, but the captured her leg of my firmly, continue to help her drug taking. REebcca is in aside path of cry in fear” what are you doing, such you also are met toxic. “I did not think so much. Without giving thought to how, can help small handsome first epispastic one part venom, the hope that she survives is metA few bigger. Continue in me cut of sorption small handsome when, the car bumps one blast, encounter a large hole it seems that. I byThose who swing a car is additional at the same time, the water in the mouth carelessly get down a few. This falls, I also am frightened not gently, I at onceSpat the water that remain come out. Next, I climb in the window, think out to spit the water that a moment ago swallowed hard. IGo to whole hand complete a place of strategic importance almost in the mouth, exert all one’s strength buckling throat with the hand, at long last ability vomit come out. Posse another groupDefilement is aspersed in automobile body flank. I was spat a long time hard, just lie answer a seat to go up, what the heart beats is extremely fast, abdomen began to ache to rise, wholeWhat the head aches like pinprick is fierce. As time elapse, the symptom does not have any alleviating, breathe repeatedly insteadSome are difficult. ” I won’t be toxic also! “This moment, the car drives China to the place where troops are stationed of medical team at long last. A few doctors stand in doorway be on the tiptoe of expectation, Still have the leader of artistic group. The 16th chapterPoison (2)Small handsome gets off move be carryinged by a few doctors ran into a hospital, my dizzy also preparation also goes in accordingly. One grows high thin, taking the man of glasses of a pair of black casing, cloudy face blocked me. A Zi standsMy say is pointing to by him” the leader of a sports team, it is the cathedral that he still has that black woman to take us to go, harmful small handsome was bitten by the snake. “Rebeeca is being helped up go inside my go toing, see they stand before me, at once say” quick get out of the way, is he toxic also didn’t you see? Or else rescue his earthborn. “The leader of a sports team knows English, of his get up on one’s hind legs pointing to Rebeeca to aloud” you shut up to me! You my member takes two one or two to go to so dangerous place. She is bitten by the snake now, you want twiceBear the blame. He can see a doctor, you give stop not to go. “Say, he helps the arm of Rebeeca. Frighten so that this nigger pussy screams again and again. My complexion is aglow, what bearing the body by force is unwell, pulling this the leader of a sports team to explain” what do you do, your him member should go cathedral, just be bitten by the snake so, have an accident to have what concern with her! ? “Strength of the leader of a sports team is very great, his palm breaks up to swing me. Pulling Rebeeca as before ferociouspath” skimp my talk nonsense! The job that the person gives in your hand, I look for you. Who is your leader? Call him to passWill look for me. “I afflictive furious, it is we help kindly obviously, how to go out now finish sth our back boiler, IBiting tooth path” you let Rebeeca go. Occupied come to me! “Eye of the leader of a sports team one glare, pointing to me to say. ” you do not go. Small handsome goes out finish sth how am I explained like his parents. We still have other countryShow mission, our actor is toxic now how does the job that cannot finish superior do. You calculate a what thing, still haveThe issue comes to you! ? “My dizziness head bilges the station stands flabby, look at Rebeeca to struggle in his at hand, the fire of mind even morebig rise. Before I rush suddenly, grab the hand of the leader of a sports team to the side of the mouth, growl rise” father no matter! Are you put do not let go? Father helps small handsome suck blood toxic also, you do not let go, father is bitten deadYou! “Alleged firm must be afraid of those who be stupefied, be stupefied be afraid of what do not drive sb. to his death. The bloodstain that the leader of a sports team looks at my mouth edge wants with a pair desperately appearanceChild, the hand can’ted help trembling, loosened Rebeeca. My head also does not answer to Rebeeca” you go quickly. The thing that this is him Chinese. “See Rebeeca seizes the opportunity to leave, I feel only gastric ministry an acuteness tic, a defilementSpit the body in the leader of a sports team to go up. The leader of a sports team resembles by pinprick like, flick is very far. Look at me terrifiedly to be spat madly unceasingly. Doctor of this period of time and Chen Ge see here be troubled by rise, drove at once come over. I was spat a long time, spat even bile come out, feel next very dizzy, at the moment one black, at a draught paralysisFall on the ground. My heart thinks noxiousness fit, should I die? Unintelligible sensory somebody carried me rise, call my name ceaselessly. Somebody is gone to filled in in my mouthA pipe, ceaseless rinse having water comes. I was spat a long time again, next complete do not wake human affairs. Had not known how long. When I wake, him discovery lies on a piece of sickbed, there is condole on the handBottle. I try to rise, but do not have interest all over, laopan and Sun Gong chat by by. They see I woke, expression was loosened come down. Sun Gong is patting my shoulder, make a pair of very earnest appearanceChild move say” good gracious! You woke at long last, slept fast a day. You can be this to enter catastrophe really. “Of the pain that I am patted by him should die, it is a bit soberer at long last, I felt one private parts, logy asks” how are you here? Am I toxic? I am done not have dead! “Laopan pushed Sun Gong, pure colors” he just woke, do not frighten him. “Sun Gong shrivelled shrivelled mouth path” you did not die of course, frighten us quickly nevertheless dead. Him poison is toxic also in hearing the others that says you are killed, qiu Zong takes us to drive hastily. Not bad the doctor is checked saying is not serpent, do not have a thing. Nevertheless you are reallyLubricious bravery includes a day, go the actress with incur round art. Others is troubled by want our company to compensate for loss Lie. “” this is true without giving thought to my thing! “I explained with them again at once, ask they produced what job later next. Laopan sighed at a heat. Say” you have bit of thing first, qiu Zong wanted us to bring dot porridge, I eat to say with you by the side of you. “I slept one day, be hunger is fierce. Eat to listen to old Pan Shui at the same time at the same time. When they arrive, cureBe born to already ended via blood test assay. He says with everybody very those who feel happy I and small handsome are encountered is not serpent, two people did not highDanger. But the person of artistic group nots comply however not forgive, say not to believe the examination result here, must go back to the motherland go to a doctor. StillForcing our company Qiu always compensates for travelling expenses, medical treatment cost, cost of delay one’s work. Be troubled by embassy later there went. The gnash that I listen to, it is the story of the farmer of an actual edition and snake really. They are requite kindness with enmity simply, Throw boiler bluff person intentionally. Old Panku laughs” others has national politics task to be in personally, taking a make a fuss about a casual remark dropped by one’s superior fierce. Talk things over finally come down, want mePeople compensate 50 thousand money give artistic group. “” what? 50 thousand! By what to want our compensate? ” I listen to compensate so much money, think urgently immediately from the bedStart comes on. Laopan pulled me to” fasten urgent, I had not said. The person of embassy says artistic group is delegate country after all, go out now finish sthTheir leader is bad also to do. Wanted us to give artistic group money first. Give us network of a diplomatic mission next communication changesThe item that make. “This result is loss of it doesn’t matter to the company. But my mind always has kind of abasement feeling wave do not go. At that time, the Chen Ge of diplomatic mission went. He bore one basket fruit, see I woke, happy with meGreet sb. My loath inclination, do not consider reason a bit he. Chen Ge’s awkward laugh, sun Gong took a bench to him, he sits by my” you wake at long last! Feel better now? Can worry about me dead at that time! “My hum, it is a response. Chen Ge has bit of takes me hand that feel embarrassed, path” this thing lets you be upset by unkindness. I I am sorry you. It is a very simple thing originally, who alsoDid not think of to be able to give such business, everybody is bad to suffer. “He looks at my complexion, press close to dot say” I say this business casuse and effect to be clear about with my leader. We understand you do not have what fault. But the person of artistic group goes finish sth their leader is extortionary chase after duty, we are very impracticable also. After all their person is in usThe place that takes was bitten by the snake. If this thing is troubled by big, we cannot take off a relation twice. So I am led andYour Qiu Zong has discussed, you carry the responsibility of this thing come down. The project of diplomatic mission is done to you, tens of thousands of beautyGolden project, won’t let you be in an unfavorable situation. . . . . . . . “I laugh, be! Wrong is us, also can be us only. Pair of my weak Chen Ge path” thank you to come over to see me, intentional! “Chen Ge nods, pure colors” your this word with respect to regard sb as an outsider, we are fellow-townsman! Mutual keep an eye on is should, see you do not have a thing now, Such best. You are great rest, want to eat what and me to say. Organic meeting I help you be taken. “. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . After waiting for everybody to go, I lean silently on the bed, looking at ward outside inky sky, confusing of dim light of nightBoundless and indistinct, cannot see a light. The 17th chapterAspirationsI am in a hospital lay two days, feeling a lot of. When be being faced, paragraph the doctor helped me make check againCheck. Old doctor saw blood pressure and temperature, see my look again next. Nod” you do not have a thing, can leave hospital. “” thank you! ” I hesitated, raised the question in the heart. ” doctor! I want to ask, at that time why I am done not have toxic, but the feeling is so afflictive! Giddy and calorificCollywobbles, throat also aches, what still spit is rare in. “Old doctor turned over next my case of illness, want to reply” you have a fever a bit at that time, estimation is a little carsick still, take gut possibly still bad. A few symptoms are sent togetherMade, so you ability is so afflictive. “I think, seeming to blew wind a long time in gymnasium that day is a bit uncomfortable. Next, eat in embassyMeal when, drank wine and some of cold dish, abdomen not very is comfortable. When running toward the hospital, the car is bumpy soFierce, do me really dizzy. Discovered the cause of disease. I worry no longer at long last suffer be afraid of. I thought a little while, asked a doctor a question again next” paragraph doctor, if which days I was bitten by serpent really. Press what see above TV, at that time I hit the snakeDead, the blood that drank it can alexipharmic? “Old doctor heard my issue, complexion becomes very eccentric, his corners of the mouth was smoked twice, just slowly” use a bit! At least blade of the hand before you are dead personal enemy. Rise to have honor quite to death so! “My awkward laugh, did not think of a doctor actually so humorous. Old doctor pures colors” boy you and that girl are lucky! Was bitten by serpent really, we here also do not have special serum. Can as far as possible draw out pus by applying a plaster to the affected part, can come down to see herself completely alive. You are so rushed the drug taking that use an opening cannot be taken more, oneBad, dead be afraid of only faster than her. Still note a drop later, go less inside brushwood woods. Here can not be mediumCountry. “Wait for me to return abode, qiu Zong also my example. See his look nevertheless, happy still be in the majority. LookRise the project that embassy gives is right still. I also ask about this moment, artistic group has left othercountry, care me again without anybody this anonymous generation. Next a few days, qiu Zong lets me rest in the home. After someone else goes out to work, my person sits in smallOn attic, took paintbrush of immobile of for a long time foolishly, removed literary sketch to the landscape outside the window. Perhaps be the autumn was gotten on for, my mood is very low. I often remember that word of the leader of a sports team—YouIt is a what thing. This word is ticked off had my infinite painful memory. I want to look for a person to pour out very much, but who to have againWhat can experience others is painful. Draw out the openness of the heart, change more just pile to stop deridingly. I am in sentimental when, the black baby-sitter of guard the entrance calls me outside the door. I look later, see Reb onlyEeca stands outside the room. She the bull-puncher with tight today a suit is taken, sexy thick lip is taking a smile to look at me. ” sacred! You do not have a thing, be too good really. “She that true consideration lets me be touched a little. What did not think of to care about my health truly is actually such firmThe African girl of strong recognition. I ask happily” how did you come? “She has what the dot feels embarrassed to say” I was psyched out by that Chinese that day, drop your foregone so. Go back the circumstance that I worry about you very much, thought a long time, I or decision come over to see you. “” fortunately god is blessed, the snake does not have poison, I am very good now. “I am laughing to let her come in. My room is not big, besides a piece of bed it is a small table, she is carelesson the bed that sits in me directly, I was forced to look for him bench to sit down. The literary sketch that she sees me this, ask amazedly” wow! Is this of your picture? Can I look? “I hand her my literary sketch originally, agonized say” OK of course, are you interested in brushwork. “” of course, but this is artistic. ”The leafs through me literary sketch that she is full of interest this, the cartoon character copy of a few days of type is mostly inside, probablyShe is the work that had not seen this kind of color, slowly her expression becomes a little open-eyed, admit to say to me really” you are very gifted! What these characters draw is really pretty good, are you of art major graduation? “” Hahaha! Beautiful courtyard! ” I remember a few things previously, can’t help laughing rise” I had been taken an examination of, did not take an examination of on. Do you know? I take an exam in beautiful courtyard when, take an examination of an official whose work does not look, staring at me to look all the time. Do you know why? “Rebeeca is stroking the lower jaw, think” he is staring at you to look, because the style of your picture is very special,be for certain! “My shrivelled from ridicule shrivelled mouth, continue” what you say is right incorrect also. Take an examination of an official to staring at me to look, because he looks not to know the what meaning that I draw at all,be. I am very clear remember in those days examination questions is ” station ” . Other candidate for an entrance examination draws a student to help the car on the disabled, reflect friendship. Some picture parents are holding the child in the arms to push a car, reflect mother love. And what I don’t know completely is art education, can draw onlyA few people wait for a car over. What the character draws is again distinct what is used, like doing not have a theme zero. “She looks at my face, showed regretful expression” that is exam error only, not be you ability is no good. “I shake my head, the path of dejected” what does ability have to use? You do not understand, in Chinese diploma just be everything. Result of my high school is originally right, butIn order to take an examination of a good university, brains heats up him result go taking an examination of beautiful courtyard. The result is muddle-headed did not take an examination of on, do not have brave againGas answer is read, can go up only a common three-year institution of higher learning. Now my eat one’s own bitter fruit, doing the tireddest the hardest work, takeMove lowermost pay, often still be looked down on. My life was done to be bungled by me completely. “Rebeeca sees my more and more depressed attitude, silent a long time, laughed suddenly. I am looking at her strangely, ask” what do you laugh at? ‘” I am to feel you such endowment ought not to be wasted for nothing, you should make money with it. ” she is mysteriousLaughing to look at me toI do not have the explanatory path of language” I had tried, like me this kind is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, big company and institution do not want. Be in my home the sort of 2Line city, really find relevant job very hard. Return before me to us the submit a piece of writing for publication of science fiction magazine with the famousest country, on work inside page. But the work magazine company that I drew 3 days also gives me 5000 franc (about 60 RMBs) remuneration, without the home in make offerings to, I am early starved to death. Hey! You are dry! “I had not said, be stupefied. What Rebeeca took out a piece of 5000 franc is soft putBefore me. ” great artist, I pay ask you to help me draw Zhang Ren to resemble. “” what fun do you open? ” I am not had language look at this old young lady, I say 5000 you give me 5000. What meaning is this? She did not pay attention to me to oppugn, lay to come down on my bed, placed a model, blink eyeball. ” this pose how? “” you still plan to let me draw really! ” I am said this kind to do the style of work that does to arrive to thunder by her really. ” of course! I had paid cash. ” one kind goes out fully in her eye another imply. [Hide] The one night with 18 the maddest chapters (one)I just decided Rebeeca is serious a long time. She is to want to be comforted through this kind of method it seems thatMy mood, let me look for a bit self-confidence. I hesitated a little while, took paintbrush and paper to begin serious sideShe was drawn. Although be a black, but the outline of Rebeeca or the aesthetic idea that accord with east, big eyeSmall nose, thick lip is disclosing sex appeal and green vigor. She is filling a head with a hand at this moment, before the bosomBe squeezed to give a deep career clue, fine lumbar limb and rich and stretch leg ministry form a spectacular curve. I drew a few, look at her complacent expression, can’t help laying the idea of a mischief, upgrade of corners of the mouth becomes warpedrise. ” this girl says to let me draw me, do not have face very much really so, I want joke she is one. “such, edge picture laughs by the side of me, in the mist in the cloud that handles Rebeeca instead. When I am drawnHind, she takes a picture, just understand why I laughed truly. The person in the picture is her right, but it is one piece did not dress those who take is naked picture, before the bosom two groups are machined by my artspecial. . . . . . Smooth, mix the airport is same. She did not get angry, just tooting mouth made a mask used as a toy with me. I burst out laughing, the mood immediately goodRise. ” if you are dissatisfactory, go to money recapture! I am planted with respect to this style. “She sets upright a finger to seriously” No, no, no! I am employer, I do not return money, but I have authority to ask you me dissatisfactorythe place is revised. “” do you want how to change? ” I am a pair of easy manner completely. ” be proud me the person’s figure changes come back! ” she enraged bosomy strike to hold out a bosomI swept her career line twice, the expression that pretends to be regretful spreads out hand. ” my individual feels they are that appearance in fact. “The word just sa武汉养生论坛同城id, do not have those who think of Rebeeca is careless to ride sit in me on double leg. She jacket oxThe young takes unlock, show a sleeveless garment inside. ” should be you in fact the eyes is bad, too far it is not clear to look! “Good ” fierce ” imposing manner! So close distance, I feel a full-bodied perfume and girl are peculiar onlyOdour blow on the face and come, let me begin simian intention horse, I swallowed a buccal aqueduct” what you say is right, my eyes is bad. Can calculate so close, it is not clear that I still look how to do? “It is when the atmosphere in the room is more and more ambiguous, noisy voice is transmitted outside house, the colleague that is like me is answeredCame. We come twice apart at once, rebeeca walked along a doorway to look outside, see a person had been done not haveCome, laughed to me later” today such, drew me to take away. Nevertheless, bet last I was defeated, you are OK now the requirementSpeak out. “The mood that my be pacified is over to just be aed string of 1 rise, listen to her so say, the feeling had a fire to risk again come out. ILong sucked at a heat, slowly path” this moon base my birthday, if you do not have a thing, I want to ask you to eat a meal. OK? “Rebeeca was shown again one is plant another meaning smiling expression, she nods, say to wait for my phone, left in the eyes that my work in the same placing is surprised next. Time passes rapidly, we complete the project of diplomatic mission, busy R country is telegraphic project, arrived at long last I am unripeA day that of day night, I make an appointment with Rebeeca to house of a high-grade Western-style food. Before going out, I am put onformal suit, combed long hair one carries a head on the back greatly, on besmear wax, shaved beard, took will be notContinent scrape up all savings and safety precaution. I premonition, what does affirmative tonight meeting produce, must have done ahead of schedulePreparation. Arrived cafeteria, I saw Rebeeca, she wore local characteristic to grow skirt, the picture is worn delicate makeupLook, the Yan Zhi of whole person rose an administrative levels. She sees me after dressing up, surpriseded smally. ” you are honest tonight be too handsome. Birthday joy! “I very the side of gent she pulls open seat, smile” thank! This is my honor! “Must say, european Western-style food is in African price is really expensive, two people nodded a few potato casually, biscuit, beefsteak, red wine and so on. Consumption had gone up 1000 RMBs. Still calculate the budgetary and so on in me nevertheless. What we are two edges eat an edge to talking about her to study abroad in the United States is anecdotical a few cases that still have China, make fun of each other. Between banquet, she is lifting goblet, touched with me, eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes asks me” I understand China not quite, do not know to should send you what birthday present so. You can tell me you want assorted? “Think in my heart, actually I want you. But wait for a word not to know how to become to the side of the mouth really” I Want A Surprise! ” (I want a surprise)She is covering the mouth, gave out the smile like Yin Ling, guess my idea it seems that, the ceaseless talk about again and again in the mouth” Haha, surprise! “I am a bit guilty, at once fill oneself a wine, those who drink is too urgent, within an inch of is stayed in by choke of one lipstick wine, I coughCough two, dare not see her, be forced to continue to lower his head to cope with food. Eat a meal, rebeeca offers we go enlighten dance, namely last his pa holds birthday to meetthat place. After we arrived, when I prepare to there is farther contact with her in dance pool, paineddiscovery, my hold back does not live should go up good-sized. I was sufferring from face and her to say tone is apologetic, bear down on at once closet, wait for meWhen coming out again, see her only on the side much 2 blacks belle. See me, the laugh with mysterious Rebeeca is worn say” I Give You A Surprise. “I look at her absently, indissoluble” what meaning. “Rebeeca shows two black belles on the side of the move” introduce with you, this is beautiful Sa still has Ji Na, they are a pair of twin. “” you are good! ” I look to two black belles, aglimmer whirl sees not clear face below the lamp, but twoThe person’s figure is model class really, the build that connects me should compare them a few shorter. ” hey! ” beautiful Sa still has Ji Na fawn on to laugh at move and me to making call. I understand the meaning of Rebeeca not quite a bit, made a gesture of the inquiry to her at once. Rebeeca is added to the side of my ear, chuckle say” I ask Guo Lisa still has Ji Na. Today is your birthday, they are willing to accompany you to play night, as long asYou pay a bit fee. “Next, she emphasized again” no matter it you want to play what game tonight is OK that you want to play what game tonight. “So naked suggestion, calculating me is the meaning that head pig also understands her, my mind is fervent, the knot is tongue-shyCling to asked” much. . . How many fee? “” each 200 dollars! This is the special discount that they give you tonight! “My this person all along very economical, come Africa this year is much, borrow to return a house, do not shop in disorder, chaos is beautifulMoney, save each minutes of money as far as possible. But be in that momently, flush however in my heart an intense impulse, be in charge of its Momafter loan is mixed. I am about on tonight extravagant bout. Went out enlighten, I block a taxi, the sister is beautiful got on a car first. Rebeeca is laughing to look at mePlanning valedictory time, my hand that played her, perhaps be alcohol becloud my nerve, I am not had at the momentThan bold. ” do not go, I think you accompany me together. “My look broil heat is clinking, conceal my desire none. Rebeeca close lightly close lightly mouth, looked sidelong at me enchantingly, also took a taxi” Badboy! ” (it is a rascal really)Black driver is taking the mood of clinking envy to ask me” does your preparation go to the gentleman? “” R country international big public house! “Although this hotel is not the most luxurious, it is a public house with whole the famousest Africa however. Hollywood evenPatted film of a bear the palm technically to record the history of that paragraph of miserable intense for it. Now late, I am about the famousestHotel, sleep the most beautiful wife. I plan to send this story on start, do not know everybody is willing to look, this also is a circle my writer dream! Should be this moon base begins to upload, the name is waited for calm. The brief introduction of this novel is such—————————————————————In Africa, someone says to me, I a cure of 3 act on one’s behalf, do not have a thing. Also someone says to me, as long as you send, whats do I like. Return somebody to say to me, it is good to enjoy the life to do yourself. I cannot think of, duty field wind and cloud, somebody needs me such talent. International political field fluctuates, african president puts word, should give a Chinese a lesson. When the muzzle of AK pitch-dark points to my wind, I hope only, come, beat dead I. One records the memoir of real life. ————————————————————–The thing that normal website cannot send turns around here, everybody gives a dot the opinion how. 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