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“Leng Junjun is round ” 2020.05.07- the female people beside you (finish your 3 view) ” achieve a hair formerly “Picture tigerDisguise or mask of an evildoer paints s2020武汉汉口剁饼子地址大全pirit hard, Know a person to know difficult intimate You have curiosity to pass, the women beside you, under cover goods of how many coquettish cheap? Enter a paragraph together with me dull to extremely experience. Epidemic situation e武汉sz养生pidemic situation. Delayed a lot of issues, Also provided big free time to me. Tell my this all one’s life this to do a the most disappointing business that pass to you. Spend the New Year before long epidemic situation erupts. What thing also does not have a law to do. Begin not bad, sleep sleep play play game, quite relaxed. Time became long it is dull really. Have second with little brother chats, chatting, I break out crank, I ask him, you want not to want to know the woman beside you has the loose woman that thinks in eye of how many our man. Bang of little brother thunder said one lot, think of course, force force force. I say, I take you to play a game, in the life that we see an Everyman, beside oneself, having money of how many cheap after all is the man is done very easily in one’s hand. He says, good ah good. Play ah play. Truth is told, this little brother holds out rank grass really. Even if I, the woman beside I also dare not check me is what kind of. World outlook collapses easily. I do not have so much credit to human nature. Return to the subject, I logged onto the small letter of little brother with the mobile phone, he himself is being landed with computer. Everybody has wanted to enter the life of another person, what kind of is the life that sees him? Perhaps show oneself life barely to another person to look? He logins in me small letter leafs through a friend to encircle with information of all sorts of good friend remarks all sorts of group when, have the illusion of a kind of life that I entered him really. (others lets enter him world like the little like this brother that does not suggest everybody is capricious. Unless trust adequately. The person is very strange, my individual thinks, this kind of behavior is similar to point of a knife to lap blood, but I discover this little brother has actually show oneself everything looks to others, worry to be enjoyed at the same time at the same time in critical margin pleasure. I am not deep still to this one research, quite magical psychology changes. Hand others small knife, when point of a knife is developing him, what do this call pleasure? Be similar toM? Still need more experiences to just can be solved. )Good, the topic brings back. When I leaf through the woman in his good friend, it is the excitement that psychology has a kind not to know where武汉桑拿夜网WE to come really. Look one by one, many a research. Anthology come out 34 women let little brother their everybody all news that he knows, entire line comes out. Have his relative, have his fellow student, have his fellow worker, have his neighbour, have his friend, also have the wife of his certain friend. The age16-50Year old differ. All sorts of profession height are fat thin beauty is ugly, all is not carried. Workload is very big, did 4 days full. In these 4 days, I am publishing his small letter all the time, he is communicated normally with others, I am looked at, also talk about a few for he and others from time to time. How to say, still be very wonderful sense. Style of writing is insufficient, appearance does not come out to be experienced exactly. After waiting for him to had been arranged entirely, I here used 5 female slaves to add myself to dispatch at the same time directly, explore one by one. Truth is told, workload is very big. What what I hope is, just explore, deepness far short of before me the degree of strategy woman, so opposite for also do not have so complex. What we want to know is this woman coquettish only just. . [Hide]Of bad strategy jumped over directly. Affirmative somebody can ask, omit what had jumped. My answer is affirmative some. But, if give a lot of care goes doing, where to have the woman that gets no less than coming? What we should search is the woman of the good accost of general lifetime value, everybody has the billow money of consensus. Force of cost with one one’s heart does not open heart door, cost uses up idea to do, the woman that does not get does not exist on firm sense. Full the time of a many month, from time to time the plan of cut of feminine hair coquettish that can female slave is sent. (female slave accost does not represent the other side is to pull. The brother that has played together with me should be clear that this covers a region quite. )After very easy to read and understand accost, carry actually came out goods of nine lubricity billow. Scale already very tall very tall, was head and shoulders above my anticipation. Have his fellow worker, have a fellow student, have neighbour, still have his close maternal aunt, one expresses elder brother’s wife. I let little brother list these women one by one come, say with him, look, there is the cheap money that so much and man prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan about actually beside you. He says, look not to come out really at ordinary times. See with respect to abnormal. Finally, little brother asks me, they so coquettish, I can do them. I say you think much. Feminine coquettish is to look to who. She has restricted big gun, do not represent can make you careless. Because the accost rate of every woman is not quite late. Once master her to had delivered coquettish authentic testimony, removed immediately. So, do not have too much sweet colourful setting. S

o I say, this is I had done a the stupiddest thing. But, true chicken amused, be too tired. Still say finally, everybody did not try, taking filter lens to see the person beside occasionally, quite good. Once look clear all dark, you are not self-conscious dark also. [/ Hide][/ Hide] This card is final by extraordinary Charles1 at 2020-5-7 17:39 editors9 editorsGrading records this note recentlyKong Ming of the color in colorGold coin+ 20Elite2020-5-9 08:32武汉夜生活论坛Kong Ming of the color in colorContribute+ 2Elite2020-5-9 08:32XinataGold coin+ 55No matter whether you accept red武汉水之梦598与998的区别 Bao Jing to go up! 2020-5-7 21:48


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