The happy event that within an inch of is made by wife is become dad (1.8 days of newest ci武汉szsn论坛rcumstances are updated) [achieve a hair formerly]


The happy event that within an inch of is made by wife is become dad (1.8 days of newest circumstances are updated) [achieve a hair formerly]Had said my Christmas Eve goes to Hong Kong the other day bright, cast wife in the home. Face close wife oviposit originally period, she is pressing the plan wants the child, ate 3, the stimulative excretive property of a medicine of 4 months is about to cross flourishing to should satisfy her, but my of one mind is thinking,go playing additional kind ” Shuang Fei ” say to her again battle. She angry feels wronged and act rashly say I am absent, her oviposit must want a few days that to make love want the child. I do not come back to look for a few strong, no matter be who,let her go when Mom anyway. I think is to be in act like a spoiled child to did not think more, cast issue her to go to can go. A few days after coming back, be resembled by her like bitch want ceaselessly everyday, smooth even season also has 3-4 second, straight straight my bleed white! Lie on the bed, she attacks to say to want to say a thing to fasten life to me in my bosom, my come to an agreement or understanding excuse you first. She says to me, party of a few classmates went to she and university, within an inch of by the marriage previously the object gives Man , did not make love nevertheless. My come to an agreement or understanding, you say I may be excused carefully not. After all I had said with her, the agreement before our marriage must excuse the other side twice open off the rails. Want what other life child, catch a disease wants to excuse the other side almost to be on bad terms only. She said to me at the outset through: I am absent these days, wife arrived oviposit period sexual desire is rising. Ate to promote endocrine drug, private parts often damp, long to insert sexual intercourse very, wish to a club can help her satisfy one’s thirst. When I did not come back before new year’s day, when as it happens catchs up with her university, dine together actingly, who ever wanted to there are 4 when had gone after her at the outset inside the classmateThe awfullest, still have she thinks oneself ” fiance ” . At the outset she feels she is to should marry him certainly, two people are in live together (begin to live together, wife says to had not been the same as a bed) when, because my mother-in-law has a few bagatelle to did not agree with their marriage, within an inch of of my angry wife and she this classmate elopes. Later although parted company, but had not considered parental introduction near 4 years, although married with me, but this still is her all one’s life regret武汉新茶网址ful. Wife capacity for liquor is good, about the same a jin of quantity of half still is done not have drunk, male friend is careful all the time also before her dinner party. Two people sneaked away tacitly to go out early or late stealthily, come to attic down fire control passageway. Attic is nest of a dove almost, of night of the most after northward day is black see less than doing not have almost of illuminant here. What wife wore that day is canister skirt of black, slide fastener is carried on the back after by before male friend pulls the dress to come off. Two people control does not live desire fire, mad below the action of alcohol kiss rises. Wife felt to suffer my grievance recently, the one horizontal stroke in the heart 3 5 except 2 take off oneself so that remain a briefs only, before holding two big milk in both hands to 武汉夜网狼盟sz027let, male friend was gnawed rise. Ate a little while, wife breast is dizzy going up is everywhere before the saliva of male friend, male friend is patted before send wife buttock signal she turns come over, wife both hands helps a wall up to stick up a buttock the sweetheart to oneself. Male friend unplugs before next wife briefs, stick the face to wife to the lower part of the body to be licked up and down with the tongue ceaselessly suck, still use door of chrysanthemum of wife of lay a finger on of the tip of the tongue many times, let what keep in wife vagina with a tick pour out of love fluid. (here I really very angry, marry a few years, wife lets me not actively lick shade almost, every time I am intended innocently come up against her backyard she is to should get angry for certain, did not think of passional came up to faint first) . Before male friend not urgent, two pants outside be being taken off, holding out early the meat that erects is good, inserted at the back of alignment wife come in. Awkward nevertheless thing happened actually: Wife end is too old,武汉夜网论坛DR before male friendGo in to actually only glans is inserted from the back came in, the penis is entered almost do not go! And a moment ago hold back very long, foreplay time too long, he just was inserted go in to ejaculate in wife vagina mouth! Wife is stimulated by the seminal fluid of boiling hot, also realize oneself are off the rails, still by inside shot, at once before male friend is pushed, signal he cannot continue again Mei Kaier was spent. Two people come out time became long be afraid that everybody suspects, get dressed next buildings returned a bag hurriedly. That one evening, wife is wearing damp jumbly him move to loved the briefs of male friendly seminal fluid before fluid is mixed to make one evening, after coming home of her attestation bathed, washed him vagina inside and outside clean. Capacity of male friendly ejaculation is really much before she says to me, but flow to drip to go up with the buttock on briefs for the most part, the heart should not stay to be cleaned clean inside the vagina. Make love with me again these days so much second, the child of male friend before should not be being conceived. I listen, was to comfort her first, after all I all the time since hope round the dream that wife and boy friend make love! Although I do not have excessive wife addiction, but him wife is very clear also: Before she is on bad terms, male friend makes a love racily, heart Li Yongyuan has inextricability to buckle! It is OK that she hopes by at the outset of firm of firm of fiance, lover selective examination, next inside shoot, two people hold those who feel the other side in the arms together to be in love with. I feel although wife was shot, but sound the probability that meets child of the other side on the bosom is very small still, should not in action. Wife also thanks me to be able to listen to everything what she says patiently very much, still won’t get angry her. Be, I also have fault prevenient. We want to cherish the other side doubly well to acceptance of the other side, hope wife can cherish the child that belongs to me at an early date! The dew milk that two pieces of wife put to be patted below is illuminated. Last the friend says wife is lying not to look to give the big milk of 38E. I handled what pat oneself again. [Hide][/hide][Hide][hide=20][/hide][/hide]The circumstance specification that was on January 6 below and newest progress: 1, the friend says cent is not clear about me the fiance of the wife that this post says has mentioned my wife disrobe before child those who giv武汉狼盟武汉夜生活网e him oral sex before male friend. Not be Jiang Zhe that. I what this card mentions is the boy or girl friend that wife wants to marry, the within an inch of when undergraduate course goes eloping, but wife but maiden still, did not break a body. And I am other her what the card mentions graduate student learns younger brother, 10 have 89 is him took wife ” one blood ” , wife and he has produced sexual relationship a lot of times, wife became this beautiful heart to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan less greatly almost friendly. Because parents does not agree with wife and classmate of her undergraduate course to marry, because do not accept what parents introduces several this years to date, but had not considered without oneself on behalf of her. Because this graduate student learns the time on younger brother bed,be really too good, so wife is opposite and of his sex bear in mind constantly… it is the sexual spouse that the body depends on just. This homecoming meets this, very much likely first time and my wife make love, do not have experience. 2, everybody says is her fiance is too short, bring about the penis to did not enter wife vagina how long… this problem, after with wife sex first time tried this morning, I enter type, the result holds out failure. Wife end is old, my penis that is less than 16 centimeter is not quite long, accordingly I spelled a life to try hard to just also insert a half. Wife vagina is a bit long, with missionary posture I do not insert her uterus mouth, it is more difficult that type is carried on the back after. Because her G point is very low, in shade an a few centimeter around, accordingly I make love this to stimulate her G ceaselessly to nod with her, wife is very fast also with respect to the climax. She this one climax nevers mind, the vaginal systole skill that a month will come to practice is too fierce. The drape with her originally sinuate vagina is much, this climax vagina places one systole my hold back does not live also with respect to discharge. Make love this around also 6, 7 minutes, the part that wife vagina is lapping I am inserted like the contractive oral sex that resembles warmth almost… time weak point does not know to contract because of the vagina fierce problem. The circumstance that was on January 8 belowExplain above all, I am very grouchy somebody does not agree via me, become my this post facetiae sends lubricious net. I this is real event, not be a novel. Once the friend saw, to my family, the person evil spirit that I had enjoyed is influential! The column when illicit is close does not allow to set limits of authority, I am duplicate without way block the way also stickup. Present circumstance is, wife comes tonight official holiday! I go to Hong Kong playing, abreact seminal fluid entirely almost again on two TS, CD. Play at the outset passed, a condom gave out, do not know how to much shoot. Day and that a few wife are mad fierce sex, from the back with respect to remnant prostate fluid, reckon seminal part is bad. Wife although by her shoot inside the classmate many, estimation is to clean processing to be compared clean, did not borrow however planted. Wife was not conceived, I am not clear that I am this glad vexed still. Wife cried quickly urgently

however! She does not care about who be to plant, let the child on her bosom go. My try every possible way to persuade sb fools her, later can I give her sow hard more. Eventually wife武汉夜网论坛DF body puts in me ‘s charge one person was enjoyed alone. But which know she coerces I have finally reached an abnormal agreement: After I let the child on her bosom, male before she lets between gravid 6-8 month friend makes love with her well. She feels to did not hand over body and mind thoroughly. Because be big abdomen, OK and informal inside shoot her, I do not get interference. Do not agree, she searchs other before male friend or netizen go to the green cap with my true wearing. My forced smile is worn agreed. This meeting of hope future is wife last time off the rails. Look I this green cap, it is fixed meeting those who wear is dead dead! It is fixed meeting those who wear is dead dead!! This card is final by Bahada at 2020-3-30 21:55 editors5 editorsGrading records this note recentlyThe artillery piece of a thousand liGold coin+ 80Safety first. 2019-1-4 13:47


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