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True with netizen aunt level ripe female make loveWe are in Shandong, she is in Qingdao, I am in Wei lane. . . My fast graduated daily very idle is OK little little brother but idle does not come down, the girlfriend went abroad to part company later, I also do not want to be pestered in this respect again, can the desire is not to say to be able to stop. Her husband is very busy come home very late every day, after the son teachs her 武汉养生放水推荐2020to learn to get online, hanging on Qq every day. Begin me not to cherish what hope, and. . . I am the child with an addiction great small courage, ah. Slowly I try and she says a gender, ask she and her how husband makes love, tell her I often can masturbate. . . I discover she also is very enthusiastic woman later, , sexual desire is exuberant, and, , often also masturbate, because, , you know the man arrived four years old always is not very fierce, she also is not satisfied. Nevertheless everybody has take into account, real world is not on the net after all, after all two people establish very trustful relationship very hard. We are very candid nevertheless, understand what we are doing very much, what believe what we do is the thing of perfectly justified. Then she agreed. There still is a bit disappointment when just seeing her, she is not young after all, and also do not calculate have good looks very much. . . Nevertheless the figure maintains well. . . She to me, , , I think should be very satisfactory, , I should be a man student that can make a woman favorite quite. At least. . . Unapt dead date. I looked for a hotel on the weekend, general kind, too good live not to rise. The family thinks she is me for certain old Mom, , . Open a room extremely successful. Our whats were after entering room, done, I throb very badly, , , after all. . . Say good word, this is the person that knows on first time and net such, , , , it I also do not know what to do temporarily is good that I also 武汉夜生活网NGdo not know what to do temporarily. She says to want to go closet. . . I sit in the room, , wanting how to begin in the heart. . . ‘She went in for ages to did not come out, , I looked in the past, the door did not shut, she is washing a face. . . She asks I want to be not washed, , , my come to an agreement or understanding, I also went in. You know closet is very narrow, very fast two people are very close. . . I from the back the building is worn she, , very fast little little brother is clingy her buttock, , she is moved. . . I also couldn’t help again at a draught. . . Next I do not write content to go down, , because I should masturbate. The desire always is depressed hard, I do not have method武汉茶友论坛. . . . Our both sides is very contented, nevertheless she does not have pass the night, should come home serv

e husband, my person sleeps. We were done 3 times, , , she says she arrived a lot of times climax, especially I lick her below when, , , licked half hour full, , , . Nevertheless she says to not be willing redo, , she says best, can have memory most, , , likelihood woman such, , , how do I ask she also was not willing again, be forced give u. I discover I like m武汉桑拿夜网ADature woman very much really, much sapidder than you武汉夜生活网KHng woman student, especially over there. . . : )Grading records this note recentlyWave waveGold coin- 10Symbolic fill water- – read edition rule afresh please! 2008-11-3 08:55


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