[wave bravery] [law armour] 09-19 03:00 Lyons – the Buddhist nun Mu


[wave bravery] [law armour] 09-19 03:00 Lyons – the Buddhist nun Mu Edition advocate leave a messageCelestial being of green lotus sword (2020-9-19 13:38) : 0-0 Give love a safe the way home: Seek means coming home / how to install white list tutorial [wave bravery – the two team score that casts pair of fight] [betting regulation] : 1, follow one note each, can guess a fixed score only, every buckle 100 gold coin with one post more, all chip in becom

e invalid at the same time. 2, forehead of every odd chip in 50 gold coin, press chip in compensate to lead, the compensate after recouping principal pays, a bad shot does not buckle gold coin. . 3, 5-0UP or 0-5UP are to point to get the better of 5 balls above completely (contain 5 balls) , goal of and rather than counts 5 balls. 4, amount of win a prize in a lottery passes 1000, 10% duty are expended, amount passes 3000, 20% duty are expended. 5, amount of win a prize in a lottery supports 20 thousand times (contain double) . [compensatory specification] : 1

, compasses of total edition of area of guess, match applies to this field recreation guess. Total edition compasses: Thread-6547029-1-1.html Sports guess area hints you: Guess has a risk to bet want discretion Conveniently nods a hearts to be able to have lucky energy of life Chip in format: Surpass fruit score: X-x This day rises, sports information division cancels to break up in the round times bet! Welcome everybody to publish achieve a theme formerly, discuss star of information trends, the Eight Diagrams lacy, recommend popular match! Prohibit repeating chip in! ! With post after betting, can see conceal content below, explain you had been participated in. [Hide]You had been participated in, wish lucky! ! Do not repeat chip in! [/ Hide] Friendship clewDaily feature hearts has counted 100 award 50 gold coin: Thread-8255370-1-1.htmlThread-8255370-1-1.html This card is final celestial being of You Qinglian sword at 2020-9-17 11:58 editors8 editors


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