The what abacus that United States of armed Wu Kelan makes lethal weapon to offer?


Much name does not wish to make public the American official of the full name武汉夜网论坛 12 days to divulge, the government that Telangpu heads · is reconsidering presidential Donald Wukelan plans the military aid with long already slam the door. According to this plan, the United States will 武汉夜品茶网provide system of the defense in the ground and sky to Wu Kelan lethal even weapon. · of p

redecessor Bei Lake Aobama rejects this one plan when allow, area of the aggravate after the weapon that afraid and many U.S. Army helps flows into Wukelan conflicts, make the risk that beautiful Russia two countries produces to conflict directly soars. After Telangpu appears on the stage, although he

himself expresses to be repaired again with Russia for many times at good apiration, but be suspected of interfering the incident such as American general election to ferment as so called Russia, two countries relation did not greet save. Contrary, according to the view of official of a few United States, “ Washington lost the patient ” to Russia, condition of Wu Kelan the eastpart part did not m重庆夜生活论坛ake the same score together with, ” Ming Sike agreement ” exist in name only, american country armeds force since the noise again Wukelan’s cry. Associated press report, the Pentagon and the State Council support military aid Wu Kelan clearly, but Telangpu and adviser of the White House still are in consultative. Of short duration is not clear that whether American government interior is put in the schedule that implements this o武汉夜生活论坛ne plan. · Nuo Er holds Heather of spokesman of American the State Council 3 days this month especially express when the press conference: “ United States had not supplied defensive sex weapon to Wu Kelan, but we also do not eliminate this kind is likely. ”   United States and Russia hold Yu Benzhou the earliest the talk, discussion black overcomes situation of Lan Dong ministry. Dilesen is in · of Rex of American Secretary of State last week Philippine after interviewing Russia minister of foreign affairs to thank Er to build · to haul husband collect husband, say, with respect to Wu Kelan problem, russia just shows the inclination that negotiates with the United States. Er of library of ambassador-at-large of problem of Crane of American government black is special · Wo Erke on not with Russia president assistant before the end of this month Lajisilafu · Su Erke. But the program that talks at present and ground are not firm still. Lafuluofu says, two people may talk in Moscow. But American official says, the assembly room is in possibly also the Three Kingdoms, for example Switzerland or Austria. Wo Erke holds strong position to Russia, support is offerred to Wu Kelan arm. When base of the moon on him accepts a BBC to interview, disclose, the United States is considering to supply defensive sex weapon to Wu Kelan. American hope armed Wu Kelan while, ensure Russia still holds martial strategy dominant position. The American official with an anonymous requirement tells associated press the reporter, the main purpose of American armed Wu Kelan is the strategic idea ” of “ change Russia, and rather than breaks area balance. (Wang Hongbin Xinhua N西安夜生活论坛ews Agency stalks of grain especially only) original title: The what abacus that United States of armed Wu Kelan makes lethal weapon to offer?


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