Constellation of Brazilian football name blocks card to remarry ex-wife calls card card is good person behoove get happiness


Card of old card of Brazilian football name passes INS to announce to propose in not long ago small cummer blocks Luo Linna to succeed, and Kaluolin is in the ex-wife that blocks card card card proposes after the success also go up to refer to the netizen’s query in gregarious network the following day answer, because the life style of two people is different,she expresses to block a divorce with card in those days is, did not have happiness together, accordingly the choice parts company. She still expresses to wish card blocks 2 marriage happiness at the same time. Card card and the love Ceng Yu that ex-wife blocks beautiful jade of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces are the example of football, two people out is Catholic family, maintain before marry place child personally. And after marriage, two people also never the happening that red hears, also reared two lovely children at the same time, outer bound looks, two people have tender feeling for as the immortal associate is general. But 2014 November, ka Luolin announces to block a divorce with card, although two peo

ple are subsequently brief compound, but final two people part company again, thoroughly terminative marriage concerns. And the each other after parting company with other sweethearts is ripped different (Zhang Yuqi and former husband are ripped force big fight is example) , two people are after the divorce however never the behavior that any hands rip the other side. On January 4, card card announces him to propose in gregarious network small cummer blocks Luo Linna to succeed, and be in the following day, ka Luolin also is aimed at the query that this one problem answered vermicelli made from bean starch on the gregarious network in oneself. In be asked about when why parting company with card c

ard, ka Luolin writes: Love never ends, block what regard the child as father this individual and him to card, love can exist forever, won’t disappear, still have the feeling of all what experience 14 years together to us gratitude. Why to part company? I no longer happy, our way is different, the dream is different, I tried to changed period of time to also change a few things at the same time, but I do not want to cheat my. Subsequently, ka Luolin still conveyed the blessing that gets stuck to card, mentioned he and card card at the same time be about to the relation of the wife of 2 marriage: The be on speaking terms of the girlfriend with card and him? What imagine than me is even good, up-to-date we do not have a problem, and I believe to begin to also won’t have a problem from now, everybody is very happy, this is the most important. And the space that everybody has him, this space is very serious, cannot also not should by lay a finger on. And take the opportunity, I serve best wish for their engagament, blocking card is a good person, he should get happiness, I hope Kaluolinna also can accomplish this. Former husband proposes successful, and at present Kaluolin also had new feeling, her male friend is Brazilian businessman Edward much – Sikaerpa, two people relationship is very close, feeling is good. Original title: Does card card remarry does ex-wife send acoustical: publicly? Behoove of? of  apology dirty bud gets happy re重庆夜品茶网sponsibility edits: Lin Xin is firm


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