Tianjin counterpoises tendercy of 2019 future development is dealing with club of be good at football mandatory have sex


Tianjin counterpoises limited company of development of science and technology of medicine of be good at nature is suspected of organization, leader passing annul mobile blame and be suspected of false advertisement blame be being investigated by put on record, authority be good at company controls person Shu Mou actually the 18 crime suspect such as some by lawfully after criminal is detained, china is sufficient assist height pays close attention to authority the state of club of be good at football. Nevertheless, the near future is sufficient assist lead Du Zhaocai, Zhang Jian and Lin Xiaohua to wa武汉夜网论坛it to supervise operation in Asian cup, li Yuyi is making an on-the-spot investigation in Europe, make sufficient assist cannot attend a meeting office to center delibrate countermeasure as usual, but they still passed phone and small letter to understand a situation. (how does Quan Jianqiu team do) (authority be good at company is suspected of passing annul by put on record) (female undergraduate lies the bottom counterpoises be good at film newsreel) (Chinese football has no right again be good at team) it is reported, tianjin counterpoises be good at club and city are sufficient assist plan to sign mandatory agreement, club also will more the name is Tianjin day sea. And China is sufficient assist consideration more it is to be in mandatory and more renown while, this exceeds a club to be able to complete the race of 2019 sports season at least in the home, but as a result of the issue that involves among them a lot of, counterpoise after all be good at the club can take part in the match smoothly to still exist sealed. Authority be good at company con

trols a person actually by punishment arrest, lose the power that delivers those representing capital what club of be good at football is faced with is not the problem that maintains level, the crisis that manages hard however. China is sufficient assist to authority be good at every act pays close attention to closely, made corresponding countermeasure. As we have learned, authority be good at the last last year monthly wages, bonus, had reissued now. Although counterpoise,finance affairs of be good at group is frozen, but authority be good at the items of an account of the club still keeps normal run, there are 100 million yuan or so about on Zhang at present, among them still 8 ten million are controlled is medium surpass fund of company share out bonus. Go up sports season, it is better that company operation state exceeds in, every club can divide nearly 100 million yuan, but authority achievement of league matches of be good at team is low fan, according to standard of share out bonus, every place decreases successively by 1 million yuan, authority be good at share out bonus is controlled in 8 ten million about. Of course, this Qian Yuanyuan is insufficient club annual expenditure, league matches exceeds to still become suspect in attending. For this, bureau of Tianjin city sports and sufficient assist put forward a club more the tentative plan with mandatory name, but funds problem or existence, mandatory just manage, funds needs to raise money completely by club proper motion. A form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord that life and death did not predict is broken after offerring, the club affirms can arise be filled with the source that harvest can be medium only exceed company share out bonus. Current, there is on club Zhang 100 million the left and right sides, add the share out bonus of fluctuation sports season, can take for certain in one’s hand also is 8 ten million, wait for a sale plus allowance and booking office, at most can 200 million yuan expenditure forehead is spent, the time that company share out bonus transcends in the basis paragraph, can be in year when appropriate one part, share out bonus is in sports season end also is to relieve urgent need. And the charge such as team salary, base is reduce expenditure, also want to be as high as 600 million yuan of right-and-left investment at least, put in 300 million multivariate balance about so. As to other measure, look sell a player only, perhaps seek support of local government capital. Anyhow, even if mandatory, also put in living crisis. This is authority be good at, Tianjin sports bureau and sufficient assist the difficult problem that must face, must have sufficient thought preparation. Collect after the information of each respect, sufficient assist interior is right authority be good at of the club go situation two is plant beforehand case, it is the outcome with appear better, support compresses expenditure to continue exceed in go on an expedition, it is to appear worst circumstance, the qualification exceeds in the club can

cancelling directly only below the circumstance that have no way out. But problem of reality of this both existence. Above all, if be to reduce expenditure, also very big financing gap needs fill, and if make an in part,do not have money, bigger to the harm of league matches, the social effect that cause is more negative, even figure of football of China of complicity reform developing. But, if cancel in exceed a qualification, so the foreign aid that these autographs restrict and inside aid does not take salary, will naturally produce bigger trouble and not stable ingredient, can be gone to by appeal even international sufficient couplet. Current, sufficient assist the progress that still should see situation. It is reported, tianjin city is sufficient assist dealing with with Shu Yuhui mandatory have sex, if go on wheels, this also is what can accept for each most to transfer plan. Original title: Sufficient assist close attention counterpoises be good at every act is authority be good at take power equipment two beforehand case responsibility edits: Lin Xin is firm


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