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Beijing time today before dawn, ferry cloud be good at incident combines journalist as a matter of expediency board of inquiry learns, authority limited company of development of science and technology of medicine of be good at nature controls person Shu Mou actually the 18 crime suspect such as some already by lawfully criminal is detained. This message got the mainstream media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily confirms very quickly. The Shu Mou that involves in article some, be Tianjin authority be good at Shu Yuhui of club general manager. The thing makes progress such rate, the effect that to Tianjin authority be good at football produces may be to overturn of the gender, and team just is in what hold the post of Kang Xi of episcopal experienced Cui newly to guide next beginning abroad zip. Additionally the message shows, authority financing of be good at group has been frozen, but this message is current have not as a matter of expediency be good at club side gets confirming. (how does Quan Jianqiu team do) (authority be good at company is suspected of passing annul by put on record) (female undergraduate lies the bottom counterpoises be good at film newsreel) ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” complete newsreel video nods this to enter close recently, authority the high attention that be good at incident drew public opinion, associated board of inquiry holds water to garrison in Tianjin city yesterday authority after be good at company, obtain evidence through investigation, public security mechanism also has been sold at was suspected of passing to its lawfully on January 1 commit a crime and be suspected of false advertisement criminality undertaking put on record is investigated. On January 2, to the Zhu Mou that in authority hospital of be good at tumour is suspected of illegal practise medicine some put on record is investigated. Before dawn incident had further progress again today, the cloud that occupy ferry press: Up to on January 7, right already Shu Mou some (male, 51 years old, authority be good at company controls a person actually) wait for 18 crime suspect lawfully criminal is detained, right additional 2 crime suspect lawfully await trial of be bailed out. In working to be being begun related. Criminal lawsuit is detained mediumly is procuratorate of public security mechanism, people the case to accepting put in order continuously, in investigation process, when encountering legal emergency, strip temporarily重庆夜网论坛 to what place of red-handed major perhaps suspect adopts the compulsive method of its person freedom. Criminal detains must have two requirements at the same time: One of, the red-handed to seeming major perhaps suspect that detain. Red-handed it is to point to the person that carrying out crime, major suspect is to point to the person that evidence proves to have significant crime suspicion. Secondly, have legal one of critical condition. Critical to whatting is meant by condition, criminal procedural law mixes the 163rd the 80th times to public security mechanism detain and of people procuratorate detain made different provision. See the law that criminal detains carefully define, with respect to the seriousness that can understand a problem. This message explodes before two days when go out, be good at incident affects be authorized, same the Tianjin that by authority be good at group

invests counterpoises be good at ping-pong club exceeds government-owned net to go up in ping also by more the name is Tianjin ping-pong club, cancel authority be good at 2 words. And learn according to our newspaper, authority financing of group of be good at group has been frozen, but this matter has not get coming from authority of side of club of be good at football confirm. Counterpoise at present team of be good at football is planning wintry model actively below the guiding of new handsome Cui Kangxi, also set out last night fly to enlighten do obeisance to. When the person such as Shu Yuhui is released by the message of punishment arrest, team returns aboard. Just face the direct feedback of this matter without club and team at present. The authority before what be good at team is faced with is new sports season cites aid problem, the sports season on team remains handkerchief of a foreign aids to hold in the palm only, after Cui Kangxi joins in, the club wants to achieve achievement target, must want to fill on foreign

aids neat 4 foreign aids, if once club capital gets,be restricted, bring aid to cannot undertake. Team next operation also will get vital influence, if why handle a such team, the problem also is placed before Tianjin city seat of government. Before this sufficient assist new politics ask team changes neuter name already, look at present, counterpoise in give up team be good at two words, also should be imperative. Once counterpoise,be good at group cannot continue operation club, the destiny can care of team future, counterpoise after all be good at from since taking over a football, no matter be,go up in player compensation, hold together is in in exceed top level. This brought about club operation to need a good deal of capital directly, this kind of circumstance is not a government apparently mandatory can solve. Original title: Authority exposing to the sun financing of be good at group already was frozen team can care is mandatory fear solving responsibility hard also to edit: Lin Xin is firm


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