The Pi Zhizi in national sufficient coach makes a surprise attack in Italy at present police already got involved


At present China male sufficient go on an expedition 2019 Asian cup, the country is sufficient surpass in the group 2 get the better of 1 negative acquire a group the 2nd, successful promotion 16 strong, will be opposite in 1/8 final a Thailand. But the country is sufficient advocate Shuai Li skin was informed a bad news however, his son David – in the skin encounters in Italy thug makes a surprise attack. The graph is li of skin to accept interview a graph to occupy ” Roman sports signs up for ” report, this Zhou Si is defended greatly – in outside the door that the skin is in Italian Milan, incur the charge of 3 thug suddenly, the other side is wearing ministry of face of helmet keep out. David – in the skin is beaten up not only, and

the other side still gave out dead menace to him. After the event is defended greatly – in the skin has called the police, and Milanese police is investigating this matter. Media guesses, david – in the skin may be had two by the reason of assault, one is he encountered rob, and another is the other side threatens namely minatory David – in of the skin. David – in the skin is agent of football of an Italy profession at present, his subordinate player includes Jiyelini, Bolidanuo, Sipinazunla to wait for Italian nation base. Be in li of skin Guangzhou exceeds in teaching when constant is big, david – in the skin ever had assisted the job bringing hold with big constant, ceng Weiheng signs the Aierkesen, player such as Diyamandi greatly, and return personally admit, guangzhou constant complied with greatly my proposal lot fell Gudeli, they can cost 50 million euro to buy offer originally Yingelan, but my view is to buy a puissant player in kickball of Chinese league matches. But David – in the skin ever also had brought neg

ative effect to father in the past, the skin in 2015 ever obtained Italy sufficient assist invite, nearly goes back to the motherland hold the position of CTO post. But according to Italian law, if in the skin is in Italy is sufficient assist hold a post, so include David – in skin inside directly-related members of one’s family -parents must not be in the trade that Italian churchyard shares any football fields directly. Final li of skin the agent career for the son, must abandon be in Italy is sufficient assist working opportunity. Later in the skin chose to hold the position of China male sufficient advocate handsome, lead cup of Asia of team go on an expedition at present. This weekday country is sufficient will meet Thailand head-on, but the mood that the son before contest is assaulted to affect li of skin possibly, hope this won’t disturb him to lead a nation sufficient next t重庆夜生活论坛he match. Original title: National enough bad news! Pi Zhizi cares about in assault police to already intervened responsibility edits by thug: Lin Xin is firm


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