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International cropland couplet rolls out new world integral to rank a system, will regard the assessment of great match choose as the standard henceforth. Man 100 meters, su Bingtian ranks Chi东莞夜品茶网nese flying person the 3rd, and Gong Lijiao, Lv Hui meeting and elder sister of the assorted that cut this world, hold javelin of woman shot, woman, woman respectively one of 20 kilometers walk. International cropland couplet introduces new integral to rank a system, original hope is OK can become much this year Ha Shijin contest takes part in the match standard assessment, but still decide to continue to use former level signing up later, new integral system passes deal with problems arising from an accident, check what will be

come great match choose henceforth the level. Man 100 meters, include relevant man rice and 60 rice, 55 50 meters match circumstances. Below 3 stations are taken in Europe before this indoor the Su Bingtian of 60 meters of champion, rank with 1373 minutes the 3rd. American Luo Ni – Black, rank with 1434 minutes the first, creation is indoor last year record of 60 meters of worlds, run 9 seconds the Colman of the optimal result of world of 100 meters of sports season of 79, with 1432 minutes a row the 2nd. Another China player thanks shake course of study, rank the 17th with 1270 minutes. Woman respect, chinese team has 3 ranks the first. Bright and beautiful contest protects shot life crown champion consolidate establishs a handsome, with 1392 minutes of ranks Lv Hui meets the first javelin to reside head of a list of names posted up high with 1354 minutes, liu Shiying row the 3rd. Elder sister of the assorted that cut this world list name of head of 20 kilometers walk, liang Rui ranks 50 kilometers walk the 3rd. In addition He Luona of hammer king Zheng is ranked respectively the 8th with the 10th, discus Chen Yang a Bin of the 5th Feng the 10th. In man rank, before Chinese player leans quite, still have a row high jump the Wang Yu of the 5th, mu of Brazil of Qatar famous general is resided high the first. Man long jump, huang Changzhou is ranked the 10th, xie Wenjun lists a man 110 meters of column the 27th. Original title: Su Bingtian of Tian Lianxin rank lists the 3rd Gong Lijiao Lv 100 meters to be able to meet editor of responsibility of head of a list of names posted up

: Lin Xin is firm


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