The reason is surpassed after lake person did not enter season 6 years continuously wheat radical says to do teammate to earn with Zhan Huang


Lake person did not enter the contest after season 6 years continuously, still call such result after the Lebulang below the autograph, make the fan of whole los angeles very disappointed undoubtedly. The veteran that lake person introduced last year is obtaining short-term contract basically, no matter be bright much, Si Difen dark still be wheat radical, had had experience of the contest after many season, and all sorts of difficulty that to be in lake person encounters and problem, their view is endless also identical. Si Difen dark special to entering the contest after season to feel disappointment, dan Maiji thinks he still compares satisfaction one year in lake person effectiveness however. Although do not have the contest after entering season, dan Maiji at least got the chance of more project oneself in groovy contest, how to water than guard machine is powerful. I also want to play the game after season of course, but can gain more important r武汉夜品茶网ole, very crucial also to me. The contest after entering season is very unfortunate, but got more ch

ance, also do not have a loss to me. Be in before Mai Jizhi Trojan effectiveness two sports season, although took champion, but two years of his altogether played 142 groovy game, head hair is only 17, all give fight 9.5 minutes. This sports season is in lake person, he gives fight 70, head send 57, all can hit 22.2 minutes, data reached level of career summit summit, it is 2011-12 sports season since highest. Wheat radical also sighs with emotion this sports season gets lake person really injury be a burden on is too much, my effectiveness crosses so much team, had never seen such injury is wet, perpetual really. He is clear also, oneself still can not stay in lake person effect

iveness certainly, the expression of this sports season, administrative layer affirmation is very dissatisfactory, of lake person rebuild to still must continue. This is NBA, injury cannot make the excuse that loses a ball, administrative layer can feel this covered a battle array not to win a ball only. So I think, arrived to rest contest period, can make a battle array adjust for certain. Original title: Wheat radical: ?  not head? of phlogistic  of bless of Pi of left-eyed flounder barren waters than defending in Trojan machine strong responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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