Injury of the Lai that ascend shellfish reappears more Ou Guan cling to Sa first times to Zhen Manlian the match can enter the court


Barcelona club government announces, the French wing that gets hurt before this ascends what Bei Lai had o

btained group medical service to come on the stage license, he can be in the O重庆夜品茶网u Guan 1/4 with graceful couplet match of finals head bout is calumniatory reappear more. Before ascending Bei Lai to be in the final of Ou Guan 1/8 with Lyons gets hurt in second bout match, his left thigh 2 flesh appeared the circumstance that muscle tears off, recuperate all the time accordingly up to now. Nowadays cling to Sa government announces, ascend what Bei Lai got group medical service to come on

the stage license, he can be in Ou Guan and a bout match of graceful couplet are medium reappear. Original title: Ba Sali is good! Knife wound of talent evil spirit reappears more Ou Guan kicks graceful couplet to be able to enter the court responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling


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