Avoid bridal chamber to spend the 5 trick that candle night wastes


“The night of newly-married, chun Xiao is worth a thousand pieces of gold momently. ” the 爱上海自荐贴GFexcitement of newly-married night and bashful it is the life road amusement that each person must experience personally. But, if do not have sexual experience, uneasiness of excessive perhaps angst is excessive and obtrusive, turn into amusement possibly bad thing.

1, husband and wife is bilateral behoove夜上海论坛网EG avoids alcoholic drink of be addicted to

Because malty wine makes love, some men may go sex desire dispirited, and even impotent premature ejaculation, sexual desire of some criterion instead is excessive and abundant, long 上海品茶论坛HRdo not ejac上海贵族宝贝论坛ulate, these 2 kinds of states are to make life of husband and wife not harmonious, and even generate pain to some one party. If be heart disease patient, drunk wine makes love meeting occurrence life is 一品楼浙江信息MRminatory. But, before sexual life can grain drink a few wine, will exalt sexual desire for this, make each other carnal achieve high peak value.


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